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سمينارهاي ملي به زبان لاتين 1386

١٣٨۶ لﺎﺳ رد ﻲﻤﻠﻋ ﺖﺌﻴه يﺎﻀﻋا ﻦﻴﺗﻻ نﺎﺑز ﻪﺑ ﻲﻠﻣ يﺎهرﺎﻨﻴﻤﺳ رد ﻩﺪﺷ ﻪﺋارا تﻻﺎﻘﻣ
نﺎﮔﺪﻨﺴﻳﻮﻧ/ﻩﺪﻨﺴﻳﻮﻧ مﺎﻧ يراﺰﮔﺮﺑ ﺦﻳرﺎﺗ ﻩﺪﻜﺸﻧاد Kamal Shanazari,
Farhad Djanaty,
A Multi Hybrid Genetic Algorithm For the First Joint Congress Purification and The Inhibitory Effect Of Mohammad Ali Zarei ,
Shamseddin Ahmadi,
M.R.Zarrindasht, A.Rohani, (NMDA) Receptors in the Ventral Arash Lahmi,Shamseddin Effect of intracerebroventricular (i.c.v)
Ahmadi , Mohammad
Ahmadi , Mohammad
administration of lithium in an inhibitory Zargham Sepehrizadeh,
Ahmadi,Mina Bahroloumi- in the rat amygdala
Khaled Azizi , S.Norouzi, Application of HF and DFT Methods in
Like Effective Pair Correlation Function Masoud Motamedi,
Excited Vibrational States v8 = 1 and v8 Genetic algorithm strategy for potential Salimi, Raoof Ghvami
Amir Najafi, Raoof
Hemmateenjad, Raoof
Hemmateenjad, Raoof
20 Ghvami
Layla Miranzadeh, Rahman Glassy carbon electrode modified with Hallaj, Abdollah Salimi,
Raoof Ghvami
Rahmat Sadeghi ,
Rahmat Sadeghi ,
24 Rahmat Sadeghi ,
Water Activity at Different Temperatures Rahmat Sadeghi,
Insulin determinations in phyological pH Ensiye sharifi, Abdollah
S.Soltanian, Abdollah
27 Salimi
Nader Amini ,Abdollah
Salimi , Farzad Nikpour, derivatives compounds with
Soltanian, Abdollah
nano particle at glassy carbon electrode 29 Salimi
Hal aj ,Hussein Mamkhezri Novel amperometic sensor for iodate , Saied Soltanian,
30 Abdollah Salimi
R.Ghavami, Abdollah
Abdollah Salimi
reversibility and electrocatalytic activity ,Abdollah Salimi
Mohadeseh Ezad, Rahman Electrochimical properties and Hallaj ,Hasan Hadadzadeh, electrocataylyc activity of Ru 34 Abdollah Salim
35 Noorbakhsh, Abdollah
Abdollah Salimi ,
Abdollah Salimi,
Mahmoud Roushani, Saied composite electrode for picomolar Rahman Hallaj, Abdollah ranitidine and metronidazole at glassy
Salimi, Manochehr
Soltanian, Abdollah
Hadadzadeh ,Abdollah
Noorbakhsh, Abdollah
Abdollah Salimi , Ansieh Direct Voltammetry and Catalytic
43 S.Soltanian, Abdollah
Ghadermarzi, Elham
Elham Motyeian ,
diaqua bis(oxalato)cuprate(II) dihydrate 45 Ghadermarzi,Mahboubeh
Aghabozorg Mahboubeh Sharifi ,Elham Diaquabis(pyridine-2,6- Motyeian , Mohammad
46 Ghadermarzi, , Jafar
Ghadermarzi, afar Attar
Hassan Larijani ,
Hassan Larijani ,
Mirzargar,S.S, Farzad
Ghiasi, Salaramoli J,
Nanotechnology & Its Applications In


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