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MARCH 11, 2008 MINUTES OF THE BEAVER CITY COUNCIL: The Beaver City Council met in regular session on the 11 day commenced at 4:00 p.m. The following Council Members were present: Mayor Leonard Foster,City Council Members; Kari Draper, Connie Fails, Craig Wright, Gordon Roberts and Chris Smith.
Also, present at the meeting: City Recorder Hal Lessing and City Manager Steve Atkin. Mayor Foster conducted the meeting.
CITY COUNCIL MINUTES APPROVED:The previous Council Meeting minutes were read by City Recorder Lessing. After review by theCity Council, Council Member Wright moved, Council Member Smith 2nd, Beaver City Councilapprove the City Council Meeting Minutes of February 26, 2008 with the following corrections: outof closed session at 11:15 p.m. All voted in favor of the motion.
BILL APPROVALBills were presented and approved for payment.
CEMETERY BRIDGE BIDSThe City Council opened the following bids for Cemetery Bridge: Atkin Construction -$11,200,Riley Construction - $11,460, After review of the bids Council Member Fails moved, CouncilMember Draper 2nd, Beaver City award the bid to Atkin Construction the apparent low bidder of inthe amount of $11,200. All voted in favor of the motion. A copy of the bids are attached hereto asExhibit 3-11-2008-A TUSHAR MOUNTAIN BASEBALL COMPLEX - PAINTING BIDSThe City Council opened the following bids for painting of the steel supports at Tushar MountainComplex: Osborn Painting $9,500, American Made Painting Company Inc., $3,368.20 After reviewof the bids Council Member Smith moved, Council Member Draper 2nd, Beaver City award the bidto the apparent low bidder of Will Thompson American Made Painting Company Inc. in the amountof $3,368.20. All voted in favor of the motion. A copy of the bids are attached hereto as Exhibit 3-11-2008-B. TUSHAR MOUNTAIN BASEBALL COMPLEX - CONCESSION STANDThe City Council opened proposals for the operation of the concessions at the Tushar MountainBaseball Complex. Proposals were received from: Adam Hinton, Wendy Black, Bill Beck @ Bill’sSteak House. Copies of the proposals are attached hereto as Exhibit 3-11-2008-C. After review anddue consideration of the proposals Council Member Draper moved, Council Member Fails 2nd,Beaver City award the Concession Agreement to Wendy Black. All voted in favor of the motion.
CITY COUNCIL REPORTSThe City Council made committee reports and discussed the following subjects: Council Member Smith moved, Council Member Draper 2nd, that the minutes reflect that MitchCarter did not accept the position of apprentice lineman. The position of apprentice lineman wasoffered to Reed Dalton and he has accepted. An employment agreement has been signed by Mr.
Dalton. The agreement grants one year to relocate to within the Beaver City limits. Starting date wasMarch 10, 2008. Starting salary is $31,630 per year. Six month standard probation period shallapply. All voted in favor of the motion.
Tamiflu antiviral shelve life has been extended to seven years. Discussion on City facilities being open on Monday nights after six p.m. The matter was tableduntil next Council Meeting. The Swimming Pool and City buildings for rent shall be open until adecision is made to change by the Council. The matter shall be place on the next City CouncilAgenda.
Driving on the City Baseball Parks needs to be curtailed.
Chase Humphrey met with the City to review his revised Eagle Scout Project of refurbishing theCommunity Bulletin Board. Estimated cost is $461. It was the consensus of the Council that theproject may proceed as soon as possible.
Golf Course Sign on Main Street. City Manager Atkin will contact UDOT about signing on MainStreet.
Juveniles painted at the Opera House. The painting needs to be finished. Ceiling tiles need to bereplaced.
Historical Committee report was made by Council Member Roberts.
Council Member Roberts discussed allowing B watering out of the City system with water beingturned off when the B right is gone. Council Member Roberts suggested that there be no City watering restrictions on the City irrigationright until the Beaver River drops to about 50% of the “A” right.
City Manager to investigate contracting with Beaver County for use of the prisoners for part timesummer help.
Neighborhood watch meeting. Citizens and Council Members encouraged to attend.
Date for City wide Clean up week May 12 - May 17 Invite Judge Bradshaw and Cody Black to next Council Meeting and discuss City wide Clean-up.
State Library Meetings went well. The new Library carpet is in and looks good.
8th Annual Butch Cassidy Days is conflicting with Independence Day. It was the consensus of theCouncil that it is not appropriate for Butch Cassidy Days to over lap Independence Day. CityManager is to contact the Beaver Valley Chamber of Commerce. And discuss the problem. Council Member Wright presented minutes of the Golf Course Committee for the Council review.
New suggested fees were reviewed. A copy of the minutes are attached hereto as Exhibit 3-11-2008-D. The City Council discussed the new fees and a discount for Beaver Card. Charging of taxon Golf Cart Path fees shall be investigated with the tax commission. Fees shall be on the nextagenda for adoption.
The City Council recessed from 5:45 to 7:00 p.m.
SEWER LAGOONS - WATER RIGHTS DEPLETION ANALYSIS A Beaver City Water Rights Depletion Analysis was reviewed. The study was prepared by Jonesand Demille Engineering. The study is for the Beaver City Sewer Lagoon System. The study willbe referenced when underground water right is purchased.
The City Council reviewed the depletion analysis. A copy of the results are attached hereto asExhibit 3-11-2008-E.
OUTSIDE CITY WATER APPLICATION- Ronald French 220 North Navajo TrailThe City Council reviewed Outside the City Water application of Ronald French. After reviewCouncil Member Roberts moved, Council Member Wright 2nd, The application for Outside the CityWater attached hereto as Exhibit 3-11-2008-F is approved. All voted in favor of the motion.
CONSENT AGENDA ITEMSCouncil Member Draper moved, Council Member Wright 2nd, Beaver City approve consent agendaitems #1 & #2. All voted in favor of the motion. #1 Beaver City hereby approves the donation of $400 to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in care of theBeaver Betterment Club. #2 Beaver City hereby approves the donation of $400 to the July 24th Pioneer Day Committee incare of Steve and Kathy Atkin. PROPOSED ARENAThe City Council discussed further expenditure of City funds toward feasability of the new Arena/ Civic Center. The City Council discussed several items that they felt make it imprudent to proceedwith study and further fund expenditures. A few of the items discussed were the failing economy,cost of fuel and decreased travel, lack of funding for the project, large cost of the facility, locationof the facility. After discussion, Council Member Fails moved, Council Member Smith 2nd, BeaverCity stops all proceedings and expenditures on the new proposed Arena. Council Member Smith,Fails and Roberts voted in favor. Council Member Wright & Draper voted against. Motion carriedby a majority vote.
CLOSED SESSIONCouncil Member Roberts moved, Council Member Wright 2nd, Beaver City Council move intoclosed session at 8:45 p.m. to discuss property acquisition. By voice vote Council Member Roberts,Wright, Draper, Fails and Smith voted to go into a closed session. The Council moved out of aclosed session at 9:10 p.m.
Council Member Smith moved, Council Member Fails 2nd, Beaver City purchase a parcel ofproperty just less than one acre, adjacent to and North of Beaver City 600 North electrical substationand West of 600 North Maintenance Yard. Property is being purchased from Title First. CouncilMember Draper stated she has a conflict of interest due to her and Mr. Harris working together atBeaver County, but is in favor of the purchase. Council Member Fails, Smith, Draper and Wrightvoted in favor. Council Member Roberts voted against. Motion carried by a majority vote. City Recorder & City Manager excused.
CLOSED SESSIONCouncil Member Draper moved, Council Member Smith 2nd, Beaver City Council move into aclosed session at 9:15 p.m. to discuss the character, professional competence or physical health, ormental health of an individual or individuals. By voice vote Council Member Roberts, Wright,Draper, Fails and Smith voted to go into a closed session. The Council moved out of a closed session at p.m.
No further business being presented before the City Council the meeting adjourned at p.m.


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May1, 2009 Dear Fellow Nova Scotians: I’d like to provide you with an update on the province=s efforts in dealing with HINI (human swine influenza). You are receiving this update because we have identified you, or the people and organizations you serve, as a key stakeholder who will require information and updates as we move forward. Public health professionals, in partnership with all

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20 - Health Education and Wellness The Health Education and Wellness (HEW) Division believes that education is an integral part of preventative health. We provide programs dedicated to improve the lifelong wellness of your patients. We recognize that wellness is a never-ending process involving physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. Our goal is to prevent illness and to

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