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20 - Health Education and Wellness

The Health Education and Wellness (HEW) Division believes that education is an integral part of
preventative health. We provide programs dedicated to improve the lifelong wellness of your
patients. We recognize that wellness is a never-ending process involving physical, emotional,
intellectual and spiritual health. Our goal is to prevent illness and to help your patients manage
existing health concerns through knowledge and provision of tools they need to make self-care
decisions to improve their quality of life.
20.1 Health Education Program Offerings

Programs offered include, but are not limited to the following:
Adult Asthma (ages 16 and up) – Blueprint for Breathing
This program is designed to help you better understand asthma, how it affects you and your
family, and how to take control. Topics include triggers and treatments, medications and self-
Child Asthma (ages 1-15) – Blueprint for Breathing
Knowing what happens during your child’s asthma episode, how triggers can make breathing
difficult, and how you can recognize the signs and symptoms of an episode is the key to
managing asthma. This program wil show you steps to better control your child’s asthma.
Cancer Nutrition
Learn more about your diagnosis and how to live better; whether you would like to focus on
cancer prevention or learn how to better manage your symptoms. This consultation may cover
various topics, including nutrition, physical activity, risk factors and screenings related to your
type of cancer. Learn strategies of coping with cancer and special considerations for cancer
survivors. This curriculum covers 19 different types of cancer and general cancer nutrition.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Your Second Wind
Understanding chronic breathing problems and how they affect you and your family is the key to
taking control. This program is designed to help you manage your COPD and expose you to
strategies and skills that will improve the quality of your daily living. Emphasis will be on
nutrition, weight management, smoking cessation, physical activity, daily functioning, and
monitoring of your progress.
Diabetes – The Balancing Act
The art of balance is control; the key to control is knowledge. The Balancing Act is designed to
provide you with basic knowledge of preventive care for diabetes. This program will focus on
healthy food, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, foot and eye care, stress management
techniques and other effective ways to manage your diabetes.
Understanding Insulin – Insulin Management
The act of injecting insulin can be overwhelming. This class is designed to help you overcome
the fears of taking insulin. Learn why you need insulin and gain confidence by learning the
proper skills for injecting, storing, and understanding the timing of insulin as it is processed in
the body.
SHL 2013 Section 20 Health Education and Wellness Exercise – Learn While You Burn
This class will show you how to improve flexibility, mobility and balance without having to rely on
specialized equipment. All levels are welcome to attend and various exercise topics are
available. Come have fun, get active and learn while you burn.
Healthy Aging: Up2Me
The Healthy Aging: Up2Me program is a unique six week program taught by a health educator
and a peer with a chronic condition. This program is designed for those with heart disease, lung
disease, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer or any other ongoing
health condition. Learn how to manage your chronic disease through nutrition, fitness, symptom
management, coping skills and other important aspects of self-management.

Heart Failure – The Heart of the Matter
This program is designed to help you manage your condition and introduce you to strategies
and skills that will improve the quality of your daily living. Emphasis will be on nutrition, weight
management, physical activity, daily functioning and monitoring of your progress.

Heart Health – Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Triglycerides
You hold the key to your heart health. Recognize your risk factors for heart disease and high
blood pressure and find out what you can do about them. Learn and understand lab results,
food labels, and tips for dining out. This program will help you keep your heart health in control
by weight reduction, exercise, proper medication use, tobacco and alcohol reduction, and a
balanced food plan.
Emphasis will be given to position and latching-on, mastering the first week--milk production,
colostrum, guidelines to reduce fullness discomfort; how to know if mother has enough milk,
safe handling of expressed milk such as methods of expressing milk, breast pumps, and
guidelines for storing and transporting breast milk.
Lifestyle Management – Stress Less
This course is designed to provide you with the information, tools and support you need to make
permanent lifestyle changes for a healthier life. With good health, you will discover that you can
live your life with more energy, less stress, and a positive feeling of wellness that will enhance
the quality of your life on a daily basis. This program will focus on developing the tools needed
to realize a lifestyle of good health, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and stress
Nutrition and Fitness – Fit for Life
Get in shape for the rest of your life. Realize the importance of variety, balance, and moderation
as it applies to physical activity and nutrition. Learn how to get started on an exercise program,
create a balanced food plan and reduce stress. Staying fit starts with motivation, understanding
bad habits, and how they affect motivation. This program will show you how to maintain your
goals to help yourself enjoy a lifetime of good health.
Pregnancy – Healthy Expectations
Pregnancy is an exciting time. Learn about staying healthy and safe by participating in this
special program. Emphasis will be on good nutrition habits, proper weight gain, personal and
home safety, as well as exercise during pregnancy. You will also learn ways to cope with stress,
emotions and some of the discomforts of being pregnant. The course will also cover baby’s first
SHL 2013 Section 20 Health Education and Wellness year. This program is great for both experienced and first-time moms. Support persons
Preventive Healthcare – Foundation for the Future
This program explores adult preventive healthcare guidelines and presents a schedule for
periodic health examinations, screening tests, immunizations, and counseling recommended for
maintaining good health. Emphasis will be placed on identifying your risk factors for disease and
the changes that you can make to improve your health.
Senior Health – Enhancing Quality of Life
We are living longer than we ever have and it’s never too late to benefit from healthy choices.
Understand how proper nutrition, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle habits can affect the
quality and length of life. Learn who can exercise, how to exercise safely, proper technique, and
the types of exercise options available in the community. Learn how to overcome barriers and
discover how you can apply healthy principles to your life.
Stop Smoking – Tobacco Cessation Program (TCP)
Your first step before entering this program is a one hour orientation session. Once completed,
you will be provided with the specialized training you need to become nicotine-free. This three
month program includes a personalized treatment plan with:
One-on-one consultation Physician guided medication plan Behavior modification program Member follow-up (as needed)
HPN members with priority needs such as asthma, bipolar, cancer, CAD, COPD, diabetes,
heart failure, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, pregnant women, parents of children with asthma and
stroke fall into the” target group” and will receive free medication. There is no cost to Health
Plan of Nevada, Sierra Health & Life, Senior Dimensions, Smart Choice or Nevada Check-Up
members for the program. Health plan members pay generic co-pay for Zyban or the brand
name co-pay for the Chantix. Senior Dimensions members will pay the generic co-pay for Zyban
or the brand name co-pay for Chantix regardless of target group.
Weight Management (Adult) – LEAN on Me
Find the motivation to lose weight and keep it off. Develop a personal plan to make positive
changes in your eating and exercise habits to achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.
Identify your environmental and emotional triggers in order to take control of your habits and
improve your self-esteem.
Weight Management Support Group – Weight Matters
The weight management support group will focus on a combination of nutrition and fitness,
while incorporating a positive learning environment. You will learn behavioral modification and
life skills to promote a high quality of life.

Healthy Nutrition (Toddlers – Ages 2-6) – Steps to Good Nutrition
Feeding your little one in a healthy way promotes normal growth and lays a foundation for
healthy eating habits. Steps to Good Nutrition is designed to provide parents with general
guidelines and a step-by-step approach to good nutrition, healthy activity levels, and behavior
modification. Helping your child make better choices while growing up may prevent obesity and
other health problems in adulthood. Toddlers and preschoolers have unique nutritional needs,
SHL 2013 Section 20 Health Education and Wellness so parents will receive information on proper portion sizes, energy builders and good food
Healthy Nutrition (Children – Ages 7-13) – Building Blocks to Good Health
With Building Blocks to Good Health (Parents) and My Building Blocks to Good Health
(Children), your family can start down the road to good nutrition. In this program, you’l find the
necessary tools to achieve your family’s health goals, including up-to-date information on health,
nutrition and physical activity. This fun filled class makes it easy for kids to learn about nutrition,
change poor habits, and achieve/maintain a lean, strong and healthy body. Parent participation
is required.
Healthy Nutrition (Teen – Ages 14-17) – Nutrition 101
Some teenagers are not physically active and some don’t get the foods their growing bodies
need. Foods we choose to eat affect how we look, how we feel and how well we perform in our
daily tasks. This class is designed to help teenagers improve their eating and exercise habits
while building self-esteem and positive attitudes. The program will help teenagers aim for
fitness, focus on good nutrition, and make good health choices. Parent participation is required.
Women’s Health – Cycle of Life
Learn about health issues that affect women. This class will focus on topics such as prenatal
care, osteoporosis, heart disease and some cancers (including breast, cervical and ovarian).
You will also learn about general nutrition, exercise, stress management and screening
recommendations. This class is designed for women of all ages.

For more information please call (702) 877-5356 or (800) 720-7253. Programs vary by state and region.
SHL 2013 Section 20 Health Education and Wellness



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