Product Data
Castrol Olit CLS Range
Castrol Olit™ CLS Range are extremely water-resistant highperformance semi-fluid greases on a lithium/calcium basis.
Excellent rheological properties in combination with an optimum low-temperature behavior ensure a wide range ofapplications.
The Olit CLS greases feature an excellent corrosion protection as well as a high resistance to detergents and causticsoda.
In central lubrication systems suited for semi-fluid greases.
In gear units and gear motors lubricated with semi-fluid greases.
Under unfavorable conditions (high humidity, in the presence of water)Temperature application range: - 40°C/- 40°F to + 100°C/+ 212°F Advantages
OPTITEC™ - OPTIMOL technology.
Excellently pumpable in centralized lubricating systems.
Structurally stable - no blocking of the distributors by thickener residues.
Extremely water-resistant.
Resistant to detergents.
Extraordinary corrosion protection.
Very good low-temperature behavior.
Typical Characteristics
Olit CLS 0
Olit CLS 00
Olit CLS 000
* = Cannot be Determined. Subject to usual manufacturing tolerances.
Additional Information
Please observe the specifications of the bearing and plant manufacturers.
OLIT CLS 0, CLS 00 and CLS 000 greases are miscible with lithium greases.
Maximum performance can be assured only if the product is not mixed with other lubricants.
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