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The radiation dose is very small, and reactions are Your doctor has referred you to us for a Nuclear virtually unknown. This liquid will be rapidly excreted by Medicine captopril renal isotope scan. This is a simple your kidneys. The images of this excretion are recorded test which is usually carried out to determine whether hypertension (high blood pressure) is caused by After this, you will be given a blood pressure medication narrowing in the artery supplying the kidney. called Captopril that assists in detecting any narrowing of the arteries supplying blood to your kidneys. Your blood pressure will be monitored for one hour. Please have a list of all medications available when booking your appointment, as some medications can The injection and imaging process is then repeated. As you will need to be well hydrated for your The procedure comprises two parts. The first part examination, you will be required to drink one litre of takes approximately 30 minutes, whilst the second part water one hour prior to the scan. Please note it is not takes approximately 90 minutes. Note, you may leave a requirement to have a full bladder at the time of the the premises in between the two examination parts. What can you expect after your examination? There are no side effects with this procedure. Once it is Bring your referral and any relevant previous images over you will be able to continue performing your usual daily activities, including eating and driving. Also bring your Medicare card, Pension or Healthcare However, carers of infants and young children should card or Veteran’s Affairs card details if applicable. avoid prolonged close contact for 12 hours following the scan. Maintaining an arm’s length distance from infants Also bring a list of the medications you are taking. What you need to tell us prior to your appointment? Please advise us if you are pregnant, or breast You will receive a dose of radiation. The benefits of feeding, or unsure of your pregnancy status before detecting disease are considered to outweigh any potential risks from receiving such a dose. This examination is not suitable for pregnant women. Please, however, advise the Radiographer if you are, or Breastfeeding mothers can undergo the procedure but will need to cease any breast feeding activities for 12 hours after the scan, with breast milk to be expressed What happens with the images and reports? and discarded during this period. Note, however, that After your examination a report, based on the images breast feeding may resume 12 hours post procedure. taken, will be provided directly to your referring doctor. We store digital copies of all studies and reports on our Note, you will not be required to undress at any stage secure patient information system for comparison with You should wear comfortable clothing. We may ask One of our technologists will give you an intravenous Your appointment details
injection of a small amount of radioactive liquid into a Location



Current Perspective Coronary Heart Disease: Reducing The Risk A Worldwide View Gerd Assmann, FRCP; Rafael Carmena, MD; Paul Cullen, FRCPI; Jean-Charles Fruchart, PhD;Fabrizio Jossa, MD; Barry Lewis, FRCP; Mario Mancini, MD; Rodolfo Paoletti, MD;for the International Task Force for the Prevention of Coronary Heart DiseaseWorldwide, cardiovascular diseases are now the most risk increases

HELICA* - A RevolutionaryNew Surgical Treatment forEarly Stage Endometriosis North Florida Regional Women’s Centre PO Box 147600, Gainsville, Florida, FL 32614 – 7006 Helica* - A Revolutionary New Surgical Treatment For Early Stage Endometriosis by Richard King, M.D. Obstetrician/Gynecologist in private practice ABSTRACT Endometriosis can effect up to 10% of women inthe reproduct

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