Short cv

Short CV. Claus Cornett… Claus Cornett, Ph.D., Lektor/associate Professor
Scientific career:

Master of Science/Cand. Scient, chemistry line, University of Copenhagen, August 1985. Adjunkt/Assistant professor, Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Lektor/Associate professor, Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, 1992. Transferred to Department of Analytical Chemistry 1993, Now department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Research Interests.

NMR spectroscopy: Structure elucidation and determination of physical chemical parameters for small molecules in general. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites. Use of other methods for structure elucidation of drug molecules. Applications of chemometrics in analytical chemistry. Metabonomics studies of diseases with the object of diagnostics, treatment and drug metabolism and other toxicological studies. Hyphenation of NMR and HPLC and Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry. Flow Injection NMR. Optimization of the strategy of the acquisition of hyphenated NMR-data. Improvement of the data processing of NMR time series data. Development of analytical methods based on NMR and other spectroscopic methods – e.g. NIR and Fluorescence – and multivariate data analysis (MVA). Metabonomics. Application of spectroscopic methods to the understanding of formulation processes (technological pharmacy) (NMR, NIR, MIR, Raman, imaging etc.)
Ph.D. tutoring

Main advisor for 4 (no. 5 from 1/9-2009), co-advisor for 7, internal censor (chair) for 9. See for details.
Referee work:
I am or have been used as a reviewer by the following international journals: Analytical Chemistry, Planta Medica, Journal of Chemometrics, Talanta, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bioanalysis, European Journal of Plant Biology.
>70 in international peer reviewed journals. Last 5 years (2006-2010 incl.):
53. Hansen S. H., Andersen M. L., Birkedal H., Cornett C., Wibrand F. The important role of taurine in oxidative
metabolism. Taurine 6 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. 583, 2006,129-135.
54. Lykkeberg, A. K., Cornett, C, Halling-Sørnesen, B. Honoré Hansen, S. Isolation and structural elucidation of
tiamulin metabolites formed in liver microsomes of pigs. Jornal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 42, 2006,
55. Lauridsen M., Jaroszewski, J., Honoré Hansen, S. Cornett, C. Human Urine as Test Material in 1H NMR-based
Metabonomics. Analytical Chemistry, 79, 2007, 1181-1186. DOI:
56. Kristensen M., Krogholm K.S., Frederiksen H., Duus F., Cornett C., Bügel S.H., and Rasmussen S.E. Improved
synthesis methods of standards used for quantitative determination of total isothiocyanates from broccoli in human
urine. J. Chromatography B. 852, 2007, 229-234. DOI
57. Allesø M., van den Berg F., Cornett C., Jørgensen F.S., Halling-Sørensen B., Lopez de Diego H., Hovgaard L.,
Aaltonen J., Rantanen J. Solvent Diversity in Polymorph Screening. J. Pharm.Sci. 97, 2007, 2145-2159. DOI:

Short CV. Claus Cornett…
58. Allesø M., Rantanen, J., Aaltonen, J., Cornett, C., vand den Berg, F. Solvent subset selection for polymorph
screening. J. Chemometrics. 22, 2008, 621-631. DOI:Erratum DOI:
59. Lauridsen M., Maher A., Keun H., Lindon J.C., Nicholson, J. K., Nyber, N.T., Honoré Hansen S., Cornett C.,
Jaroszewski J.W. Application of the FLIPSY Pulse Sequence for Increased Sensitivity in 1H NMR-based Metabolic
Profiling Studies. Analytical Chemistry. 80, 2008, 3365 -3371, DOI:
60. Bjarnholt N., Fred Rook F., Motawia M.S., Claus Cornett C., Charlotte Jørgensen C., Carl Erik Olsen C.E.,
Jaroszewski J.W., Bak S., and Lindberg Møller, B. Diversification of an ancient theme: Hydroxynitrile glucosides.
Phytochemistry, 69, 2008, 1507-1516.
61. Gabel-Jensen C., Lunøe K., Grimstrup Madsen K., Bendix J., Cornett C., Stürup S., Rüsz Hansen H., and
Gammelgaard B. Separation and identification of the selenium-sulfur amino acid S-(methylseleno)cysteine in intestinal
epithelial cell homogenates by LC-ICP-MS and LC-ESI-MS after incubation with methylseleninic acid J. Anal. At.
, 23, 2008, 727-732. DOI:
62. Petkovska, R., Cornett C., and Dimitrovska, A. Experimental design approach for the development and validation of
an enantiospecifik RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of clopidogrel and related compounds.
Macedonian J. of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringDOI: (UDC: 543.544.5 : 615.22 )
63. Petkovska, R., Cornett C., and Dimitrovska, A. Chemometrical approach in lansoprazole and its related compounds
analysis by rapid resolution RP-HPLC method. Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 31, 2008,
2159-2173 . DOI:
64. Petkovska, R., Cornett C., and Dimitrovska, A. Development and validation of rapid resolution RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of atorvastatin and related compounds by use of chemometrics. Analytical Letters, 41, 2008, 992-1009 . DOI 65. Foderà̀, V., Groenning, M., Vetri, V., Librizzi, F., Spagnolo, S., Cornett, C., Olsen, L., van de Weert, M., and Leone, M. Thioflavin T Hydroxylation at Basic pH and Its Effect on Amyloid Fibril Detection. J. Phys. Chem. B, 112, 2008, 15174-15181. DOI:. 66. Larsen, J., Cornett, C., Jaroszewski, J.W., Hansen, S. H. Reaction between drug substances and pharmaceutical
excipients: Formation of citric acid esters and amides of carvedilol in the solid state. Journal of Phamaceutical and
Biomedical Analysis.
49, 2009, 11-17, DOI:
67. Madsen, K. G., Skonberg, C., Jurva, U., Cornett, C., Hansen, S. H., Johansen, T. N., Olsen, J. Bioactivation of
diclofenac in vitro and in vivo: correlation to electrochemical studies. Chemical Research in Toxicology. 21, 2008,
1107-1119 DOI:
68. Allesø, M., Velaga, S., Alhalaweh, A., Cornett, C., Rasmussen, M. A., van den Berg, F., Lopez de Diego, H., and Rantanen, Near-infrared spectroscopy for cocrystal screening. A comparative study with Raman spectroscopy. J. Analytical Chemistry. 80, 2008, 7755-7764. DOI: 69. Møller, C., Hansen, S. H., and Cornett, C. Characterization of Tannin-Containing Herbal Drugs by HPLC.
Phytochemical Analysis, 20, 2009, 231-239.
70. Allesø, M., Tian, F. ,Cornett, C., Rantanen, J. Towards Effective Solid Form Screening. J. Pharmaceutical
, 00, 2009,xxx-xxx.
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glitazobne compounds. Electrophoresis, 30, 2009, 2853-2861.
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screening. J. Chemometrics. 22, 2009, 621-63
73. Larsen J., Stærk, D. , Cornett, C.,, Hansen, S.H., Jaroszewski, J.W. Identification of reaction products between drug
substances and excipients by HPLC-SPE-NMR: Ester and amide formation between citric acid and 5-aminosalicylic
acid . J. Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 49, 2009, 839-842.
74. Bredsdorff L. Nielsen I.L.F., Rasmussen S.E., Cornett C., Barron, D., Bouisset F., Offord E., and Williamson
G. Absorption, conjugation and excretion of the flavanones, naringenin and hesperetin from α-rhamnosidase-treated
orange juice in human subjects. British J. of Nutrition. XX, 2010, yyy-zzz.
75. Yu, H., Cornett, C., Larsen, J., Hansen, S. H., Hansen. Reaction between drug substances and pharmaceutical
excipients: Formation of esters between cetirizine and polyols. J of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 53, 2010,


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