Flexible Counter Series
in DIN size 24 x 48 mm

■ high contrast 8-digit LCD display or brilliant 6-digit LED display■ different supply voltages available: – independent of mains supply with lithium battery or – maintenance-free and environmentally friendly with 12-24 VDC supply ■ also high-voltage input 12-250 VAC/VDC■ up to 8 different functions for each standard model: 01 Pulse counter02 Tachometer (1/min)03 Time counter (display in hhhh:mm:ss)04 Time counter (display in hhhhhh,hh)05 Numerical display for the PLC (serial)06 Bidirectional position indicator07 Counter with differential mode08 Maintenance counter (on request) OVERVIEW
Standard Models
negative or positiveedge programmableAmplitude thresholds Software
Impulse counter

bi directional
Counter with
differential mode

C O U N T E R S C O N T R O L L E R S I N D I C A T O R S R E L A Y S P R I N T E R S Technical data
Protection class (IEC 144) front side IP 65, terminals IP 20Dynamic strength 10 m/s2 (10 . 150 Hz) according to IEC 68-T2-6 100 m/s2 (18 ms) according to IEC 68-T2-27 according to EN 61010, protective system II high voltage input 20 Hz:< 3 V and > 12 V, max. 250 V DC/AC - manual reset via keyboard (can be locked)- external reset with static behaviour, DIMENSIONS

Terminal assignment:
Software function
01 impulse counter
03 time counter (hhhh:mm:ss)
04 time counter (hhhhhh.hh)
C O U N T E R S C O N T R O L L E R S I N D I C A T O R S R E L A Y S P R I N T E R S Special functions
To best match your application, you can order special functions such as prescalervalue, decimal point and preset value, which are permanently set by us before deli-very. With the variable prescaler value you can adapt to already existing transferratios of your application. Small resolutions can be shown with the decimal point,e. g. for the position indicator or the tachometer. A special feature is the possibility of displaying an information text in the display,e. g. for the surveillance of maintenance cycles. In this case the desired informationis shown in the display after reaching the fixed preset value. You can display any textthat can be created with the 7-segment alphabet, e. g. STOP, HELP, FILTER etc.
Special functions
Impulse Tacho-
Numerical Position
counter meter
0 to 3 positionsbehind the commaPreset value (on reaching thepreset value)LCD = 8 charactersLED = 6 characters ORDER NUMBERS

Choose version and basic function:
* Option: with plug-in
screw terminals only for standard model 1, 2 Standard version:
1 Impulse counter
6 Position indicator (2-channel)2)
7 Counter with differential mode3)
Please state the desired special version on your order:
P: (Value);
D: (Value);
V: (Value);
T: (Text);
The information text displayed on reaching the preset value can be built up as required from the 7-segment alphabet 4) not available for time counters5) not available for tachometers C O U N T E R S C O N T R O L L E R S I N D I C A T O R S R E L A Y S P R I N T E R S

Source: http://www.daehyun-fa.co.kr/new/html/fs/counter_tico731_3_en.pdf


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