Anti-abortion violence watch march/april 99

There have been 24
women's health clinic
bombings or arsons
since January 1997.
A Project of the Feminist Majority Foundation's National Clinic Access Project Bomb Explodes Outside Asheville Clinic
in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office in Charlotte. “We feel this bomb was definitely intended to go off and damage property and kill, maim or hurt An unconfirmed report in the Asheville Citi- zen Times revealed that the device was apipe bomb using a mixture of ammonium ing explosion, avoiding injuries. Thebomb only partially exploded causing April 2 & March 28, 1999• Milwaukee, WI
Oklahoma City federal building bombing.
Summit Women's Health Org. No Arrests
April 1, 1999• Waukesha, WI
Planned Parenthood No Arrests
could not rule out a connection between the March 29, 1999• Sioux Falls, SD
Asheville bombing and Eric Robert Rudolph.
Planned Parenthood MN/SD No Arrests
Rudolph is the subject of an intensive fed- March 15, 1999• Albuquerque, NM
eral manhunt in connection with the Janu- Planned Parenthood No Arrests
March 13, 1999• Asheville, NC
“fairly large” device, powerful enough ham, Alabama abortion clinic as well as the Femcare Clinic No Arrests
September 8, 1998• Fayetteville, NC
Atlanta area bombings including the Olym- Hallmark & Carolina Clinic No Arrests
April 1, 1998• San Diego/Riverside, CA
Rudolph has been hiding out in a national Pacific Beach Planned Parenthood No Arrests
January 29, 1998• Birmingham, AL
60 feet,” said Richard Fox, special agent New Woman, All Women Health Care ClinicEric Robert Rudolph sought as a suspect January 27, 1998• San Antonio, TX
Anthrax Letters Sent to Thirty Clinics
Planned Parenthood No Arrests
October 19, 1997 • Portland, OR
All Women's Health Services No Arrests
July 22, 1997 • Tuscaloosa, AL
West Alabama Women's Center No Arrests
companies, the specific origin of the letters May 27, 1997 • Portland, OR
c o n t a i n i n g a m e s s a g e t h a t t h e has not been determined. The Feminist Ma- Lovejoy Surgicenter No Arrests
jority Foundation, as well as the National May 7, 1997 • Yakima WA
Planned Parenthood Central WA No Arrests
bacteria. The first of these reportscame in on Thursday, February 18, April 2, 1997 • Bozeman, MT
Mountain Country Women's Clinic
women’s clinics informing them of the let- ters received by other clinics and recom- March 17, 1997 • Bakersfield, CA
Family Planning Associates Medical Clinic mail for similar incoming correspondence.
March 7, 1997 • North Hollywood, CA
ington, Kentucky postmarked letters, sev- Family Planning Associates No Arrests
eral clinics alerted law enforcement authori- March 6, 1997 • Greensboro, NC
ties, without opening the envelopes. Based Peidmont-Carolina Medical Clinic No Arrests
on information from the alerts, the clinics February 18, 1997 • Falls Church, VA
avoided any possible exposure to a hazard.
Should clinics receive similar information January 16, 1997 • Atlanta, GA
in the future, after notifying law enforce- Northside Family Planning No Arrests
ment authorities, it is requested that noti- January 1 & 19, 1997 • Tulsa, OK
fication be made to the Feminist Majority Reproductive Services. Greg Paul, Diane Dona Alleva charged & teenage son convicted NC Clinic Bomb
FBI to Scale Back Search for Eric Rudolph
of nitroglycerin in Rudolph’s truck, floor- assigned to the year-old hunt for Eric Rob- ing nails found in his rented storage shed President Clinton said “whether or not a terrorist’s bomb achieves its deadly pur- strike at the heart of the constitutional of anti-abortion protests, and was one of Photo of Eric Rudolph released in January, updated sketch on right released in July.
ity. Other attacks on abortion clinics in and at least one puts Rudolph in the park women’s clinics last October. The bombs of federal and local law enforcement per- A one million dollar reward for informa-
been made in connection to the incident.
tion leading to Rudolph’s arrest remains lesbian nightclub; and the bombing of the were injured and one woman was killed.
Buffalo Demonstrations
bombings should call 1-888-ATF-BOMB.
Robert Behn, Director of Last Call Minis-tries in Buffalo, NY along with OperationRescue National,under the direction of Portland Judge Grants Plaintiff’s Injunction
Flip Benham of Dallas, TX are organiz-ing demonstrations at women’s clinics in WANTED Posters / Nuremberg Files Labeled as Threats tion, Judge Jones wrote: “I totally reject junction to abortion providers seeking to the defendants’ attempts to justify their bar the American Coalition of Life Activ- as a legitimate and lawful exercise of free “Spring of Life” demonstrations by Op- lishing the three statements that the jury dants to surrender all similar materials.
d e t e r m i n e d i n Fe b r u a ry t h at t h e diction over Neal Horsley, the creator of ner is also planned for April 19 honoring “WANTED” poster of Dr. Crist (publish- past “Spring of Life” attendees. (See gia, the injunction applies to the defen- h t t p : / / w w w. o r n . o r g / h o m e p a g e / dants and those acting “in active concert” , New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer choice advocates), were threats. The jury feet to up to 60 feet. In legal papers filed $107.5 million for the four Plaintiff doc- which detail the tactics of abortion pro- tests. Spitzer's request would also estab- After the jury trial the Plaintiffs asked the judge for an injunction preventing the again. In his opinion granting the injunc- Suspect Charged with Sending Threats
Fatal Bomb Attempt
U.S. Law Enforcement Seek Link Between Wylie, Kopp came “radicalized by the abortion move- arrested and charged with sending threat- the United States being arrested for dem- in the telephone jailhouse interview.
abortion physician Dr. Barnett Slepian.
“Spring of Life” anti-abortion protests release the name of the clinic Hill planned sible for delivering threatening packages to bomb, but officials did say the clinic regarding doctors who perform abortions.
received a threat on March 4. Police also say that Hill had been seen at the clinic anti-abortion materials, including photo- to the clinic irate demanding entrance and ticles about the search for James Kopp.
Wylie is married, has a 3-year-old daugh- ter, and lives on a disability pension.
Search for Material Witness
In October 23 shooting of Dr. Slepian of Amherst, NY
—Taken from FBI Press Statement Dated November 4, 1998— The Amherst, New York Police Department, New York State Police, United States Attorney's Office forthe Western District of New York and the Buffalo Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation an-nounce the issuance of a Federal Material Witness Warrant for James Charles Kopp.
James Charles Kopp
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155-170 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 08/02/1954
Place of Birth: CA
Social Security Numbers used:
558-86-1346; 449-88-9160
Last Known Address:
Box 379, Highgate Road, St. Albans, VT 05478
1987 Chevrolet Cavalier, black, VT License # BPE216;
1977 Dodge, green, VT License# BFN595
Last Known Whereabouts:
According to a Binghamton, NY newspaper, Kopp was last
sited in Central New Jersey—he had grown a bushier
beard, gained 10 to 15 pounds and was now wearing
heavy reading glasses.
It is stressed that Mr. Kopp is NOT a subject of this investigation and is being sought for information he may be in receipt of
with respect to the Dr. Barnett Slepian homicide. Mr. Kopp is being sought based on a sighting of the aforementioned 1987 black
Chevrolet Cavalier bearing Vermont licence number BPE216 in the Amherst, New York, area in the weeks preceding the Dr.
Slepian homicide. Law enforcement requests that no citizen take any individual action in this matter. Anyone with information
regarding Mr. Kopp and/or his whereabouts are asked to contact either a participating law enforcement agency or the Task
Force Tip Line at 1-800-281-1184
(U.S. and Canada) and 1-877-687-3377 (Canada). All calls can be kept confidential.
Task Force Tip Line at 1-800-281-1184
Sniper Attacks/Murders
Fayetteville, NC • October 3, 1998
just been exposed to anthrax." Planned Par- Two bombs constructed of dynamite and tim- enthood of Central & Southern Indiana, India- Amherst, NY• October 23, 1998
ing devices were disarmed before they ex- napolis, Scottsburg, Shelbyville, and New Al- Dr. Barnett Slepian was killed by a sniper's ploded at the Hallmark Clinic and the Caro- bany, IN; Planned Parenthood of Louisville, bullet as he stood in his home. Slepian worked lina Women's Clinic. These same clinics were KY; Women's Health Services in Lousiville, KY; the target of attempted arson a month earlier.
the Center for Reproductive Health, Knoxville, the fifth doctor shot by sniper fire in the weeks Birmingham, AL • January 29, 1998
TN; Women's Health Care Services in Wichita, An anti-personnel device packed with nails ex- KS; Center for Women, Cleveland, OH; and Vol- Rememberance Day and the first fatality. Also ploded at the New Woman, All Women Health unteer Medical Services in Knoxville, TN all shot and injured in their homes were: Dr.
Care Clinic, killing a security guard and seri- received a 3'x5" white envelope postmarked ously injuring a clinic nurse. The bomb was in Cincinnati containing a brown powdery sub- Dr. Hugh Short of Hamilton on 11/10/95; un- disguised as a potted plant and detonated by a stance later determined not to be anthrax.
named doctor in Rochester, NY on 10/28/97; remote device. The Army of God claimed re- and Dr. Jack Fainman of Winnipeg 11/11/97.
Butyric Acid Attacks
sponsibility in letters sent to media in Atlanta.
Arsons/Attempted Arsons
Houston, TX • July 8, 1998
Atlanta, GA • January 16, 1997
4 women's healthcare clinics in Houston were Milwaukee, WI • April 2 & March 28, 1999
Two bombs exploded at Northside Family Plan- attacked with Butyric acid injuring 8 people.
Summit Women's Health Organization's rear ning Services. The first bomb destroyed most New Orleans, LA • July 6, 1998
door was set on fire on two separate occa- of the interior of the clinic. The second bomb, 5 women's healthcare clinics in New Orleans an anti-personnel device, was placed near the Waukesha, WI • April 1, 1999
parking lot and appeared to be designed to kill Central Florida/Miami • May 15-23, 1998
rescue workers, law enforcement personnel, 10 women's healthcare clinics in the Miami and clinic staff forced outside the building.
and the central Florida area were attacked Sioux Falls, SD • March 29, 1999
Seven were injured in the second blast, in- with butyric acid in seven days. One of the Planned Parenthood of MN/SD was the target cluding five law enforcement officials. On Feb- attacks occurred during business hours.
of an arson attack, damage was minimal.
ruary 21, a similar double-bombing was at- Fayetteville, NC • September 8, 1998
tempted at a lesbian night club. Five people A Molotov cocktail was tossed onto the roof of were injured. A letter from the "Army of God" Hamilton, Canada • March 11, 1999
the Hallmark Clinic at 1:30am. Firefighters sent to Atlanta news agencies, claimed credit Ronald Wylie was arrested in connection with were able to contain the fire to the roof and a series of letters sent to the Hamilton Specta- ceiling of the building. About an hour later, bombings. FBI has charged Eric Rudolph.
tor threatening doctors who provide abortions.
Fargo, ND • March 10, 1999
Women's Clinic where a small fire was set.
Hoax Bombs
Randall Hanson was arrested in connection Fargo, ND • April 6, 1998
Birmingham, AL/Knoxville, TN • Nov 2, 1998
Attempted arson of the Fargo Women's Health Women's Health Organization on 4/6/98.
Birmingham (the scene of a fatal bombing 1/ Little Rock, AR• November 2, 1999
29) and Knoxville Center for Reproductive Riverside/San Diego, CA • April 1, 1998
Fred Hart Jr. was sentenced to one year of Health (which received a hoax anthrax letter Planned Parenthood of San Diego and River- house detention for 2 misdemeanor FACE vio- on 10/30) received hoax bombs in the mail.
side Counties was firebombed. A white RV was lations for interfering with access to two abor- The video tape sized packages were wrapped, tion clinics. Hart had rented two Ryder trucks taped and addressed to the "operations man- San Antonio, TX • January 27, 1998
and parked them outside the clinics on 9/25/ ager." The packages contained paper rolls Attempted arson at the Planned Parenthood 97, the day President Clinton visited the city.
Missoula, MT • August, 1998
Milwaukee, WI • November 3/4, 1998
John Yankowski was sentenced to 15 years
Portland, OR • October 19, 1997
On 11/3, Planned Parenthood received a brown in federal prison for setting fire to the roof of An arson occurred at All Women's Health Ser- 9"x11" envelope addressed to the clinic. A the building which housed the Bridger Moun- vices. Damages were estimated to be $5,000.
message written on white paper stated "Boom Tuscaloosa, AL • July 22, 1997
The next one might be real. Stop killing ba- Charleston, SC • April 6, 1998
bies." Two AA batteries with wire were Two brothers charged in a series of bank and $250,000 in damages, after a firebombing gut- wrapped in modeling clay to look like a bomb.
supermarket robberies, are also the first On 11/4, Affiliated Medical Services in Mil- charged in South Carolina under FACE. Troy Waltz and Robert Waltz were indicted for toss- Bombings/Attempted Bombings
ing a hoax bomb through the window of the Albuquerque, NM • March 15, 1999
Threats of Mass Destruction
Charleston Women's clinic on July 20.
The back door of a Planned Parenthood clinic National• February 18-22, 1999
Sacramento, California • April 28, 1997
was destroyed by an explosive device.
30 clinics received envelopes through the mail Richard Thomas Andrews was sentenced to 7 Asheville, NC • March 11, 1999
containing a message that the recipient had years in prison for arson attacks against 7 A bomb partially exploded outside the Femcare been exposed to anthrax. The letters bore a family planning clinics in California, Montana, Clinic causing minimal damage, The bomb was Lexington, KY postmark and some had return placed next to the waiting room wall and ex- addresses of medical supply companies.
ordered to pay $3,600 in restitution to clinics ploded 30 minutes before the clinic opened.
Midwest • October 30-November 2, 1998
that suffered losses, totaling over $1 million.
Ten clinics received letters claiming "you have



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