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Muscle Building Mistake #1:Training Like a Professional BodybuilderFollowing of pro bodybuilders who use close to $100,000 per year worth of steroids and have better muscle building genetics than 99.9% of the rest of us is the worst thing you could possibly do.
Pro bodybuilders do workouts that could kill the average guy.
The amount of sets and reps they do and the number of days per week that they train amounts to far more volume than most of us could ever hope to recover from.
Thatʼs because steroids drastically enhance your ability to recover from training and when youʼre using them by the boatload you can do everything wrong and still gain muscle.
If youʼre not amongst the genetic elite and arenʼt using steroids you donʼt have the luxury
of unlimited recovery ability.
You need to get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible so you can start the recovery
process and start growing.
You donʼt build muscle while you are training; you build muscle while you are recovering.
And if you are constantly in a state of overtraining from doing more than your body can
handle you will never be able to recover and thus never experience significant muscle
Muscle Building Mistake #2:
Not Maximizing Your Bodyʼs Natural Testosterone Production
The feminization of todayʼs man is getting out of control and becoming an epidemic.
Did you know that men today have an average testosterone level that is 50% lower than
males from 50 years ago? And itʼs continually getting worse.
This is due to countless factors too numerous to list here but needless to say this is a
major epidemic and we need to do something about it immediately!
If you want to grow like the bodybuilders who are juiced to the gills on steroids and become the real alpha male type that drives women crazy, you have to turn yourself into a natural testosterone and growth-hormone producing machine. One way to do this is to focus on using exercises with a high level of neuromuscular activation, which have been scientifically proven to trigger testosterone production. Next, you have to be sure you never exceed 45 minutes during your workouts.
Beyond that point, testosterone levels plummet and cortisol levels rise.
Cortisol is the stress hormone that eats muscle tissue and increases body-fat storage; so obviously that is something you want to avoid at all costs. You should also know that if you are eating the wrong foods at the wrong time you may be in for a devastating hormone crash that will cause rapid loses in muscle mass and the unwanted accumulation of body fat. In fact, many of the foods you are consuming on a daily basis are pumping your body full
of estrogen and slowly turning you into a weak, soft, girly man of the first degree.
Unless you eliminate these foods from your diet right now you will never have a ripped
muscular physique and might even be getting fitted for a bra (or Mansierrre to Seinfeld
fans) sooner than later.
Muscle Building Mistake #3:Not Cycling Your Workouts ProperlySome experts claim that training volume is the most important factor for muscle growth.
Others say that itʼs intensity.
And yet a third group says that training frequency is the number one consideration. They all are… to an extent.
The Secret to Achieving Rapid Muscle Growth Without Plateaus is to Combine These Three Scientific Components intoOne Synergistic Muscle Building SystemThrough many years of painstaking research I have discovered a very unique way to combine these factors into a carefully planned muscle building program that will help you avoid both overtraining and undertraining, and assure that you always remain in the optimal training zone. When I first employed this system I was utterly astounded at the results.
All of my gym members, myself included, started building muscle faster than ever before. If you want to experience explosive and limitless muscle growth you must capitalize on these findings and begin to plan your workouts in this precise manner ASAP!Muscle Building Mistake #4:Wasting Your Money on Expensive, Worthless SupplementsWhen I was younger and trying to get as big as possible I was forever trying many miracle pill that came out. Over the course of several years I wasted close to $20,000.00 on so called muscle building supplements like: GlutamineGrowth Hormone BoostersHMBVanadyl SulfateRibose MethoxyPro HormonesAmino Acid PillsCreatine Booster FormulasWeight Gain Powders I routinely took all of the pills that I was told to, handful after handful.
I choked down all the mixtures and drinks that would supposedly give me the physique I was after… but none of it ever did a damn thing to help me build muscle.
Many of you are probably using some of those products right now and flushing your money down the toilet while you wait for the gains that never seem to come.  The honest, no BS truth is this… 97% of the Bodybuilding Supplements on theMarket Today Are Completely Useless! Not only that, but all of those supplements you are taking might actually be robbing your body of precious muscle growth. In fact they can actually: Damage your healthLower your testosterone productionElevate your estrogen levelsReduce your thyroid outputBurn out your adrenal glands The owners of these supplement companies are blatantly lying to you.
They donʼt care about you and are only out to scam you out of your hard earned money. If there is one thing I hope you get from reading this report, it is the fact that you donʼt need to ever waste another cent on these utterly useless, potentially dangerous supplements ever again.
Avoiding these 4 mistakes is a great start but itʼs just the tip of the iceberg. If you give me just a few more minutes of your time I will show you. Write us now to get an appointement! Thanks!!



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