Yarrow Environmental Solution
Yarrow Environmental SolutionTM
The first version of this Formula, with Yarrow flower essence in a sea salt base, was prepared in 1986 in responseto the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Europe.The current, enhanced formula, was developed by Patricia Kaminskiin 1995. It features a powerful blend of flower essences and whole plant tinctures in a sea salt base. Prepared fromthree well-known herbs from the Composite family,Yarrow, Echinacea and Arnica, its purpose is to strengthen andprotect against the assault of harmful environmental influences on our vitality and well-being. Please see our fullbrochure for more details. Indications: for exposure to environmental toxins, radiation fields or stress; for people who are highly sensitive,
especially when traveling or in crowded environments
Dosage: four drops under the tongue at least four times daily, can be taken as often as every few minutes during
an immediate crisis. Strength of dosage is increased by the frequency of the dosage not the amount.You never need to take
more than four drops at a time, but there is no danger of overdose from taking more.

Other methods of administration:
Place 20 drops in bath water and circulate in a figure-eight motion;
Add 12 drops to a misting bottle of water and use as a spray
Caution: The intended action of this formula is on the etheric level. Anyone suffering from physical illness as a
result of radiation or other environmental afflictions should consult the appropriate medical practitioner.
The Formula
Arnica flower essence –Often, when we are in a situation of physical or psychic trauma, we separate our aware-
ness from our bodies as a way of coping with pain. Arnica flower essence has a special ability to bring the clear
light of our spiritual Sun-Self back into a relationship with the physical and life bodies. It is widely used for
deep-seated shock or trauma which may become locked into the body and prevent full physical recovery.With the
help of Arnica essence, we can often relive or re-experience the emotional trauma which accompanied the origi-
nal experience. In this way we will be able to integrate these experiences and to fully inhabit the part of the body
which suffers.
Yarrow flower essence and herbal tincture– Yarrow facilitates the integrity and strength of a healthy ego
structure, while enabling the soul to retain its innate sensitivity and receptivity. It is an extremely important
essence in our time, due to the rapid pace of spiritual and psychic opening, occurring at the same time that envi-
ronmental and social forces threaten to overwhelm, harden, or annihilate the sensitive capacities within the human
Three different forms of the Yarrow flower essence are used in the YES preparation: white, pink, and golden flow-ers, along with the herbal tincture of the fresh white Yarrow flowers. These three Yarrows work synergistically toform a three-fold energetic structure - the white in the higher chakras to bring psychic balance, the pink in theheart-emotional center to address sensitivity, and the golden in the lower chakras to protect the life force andoverall health and stability.
Echinacea flower essence and herbal tincture–– Echinacea is a powerful herb which is native to the
American mid-west, and has become one of the most widely used herbs of our time for its stimulating effect on
the immune system.The flower essence of Echinacea is used for the many challenges on our Self-hood.The
anonymity of modern civilization, along with countless other mechanizing and alienating forces such as acts of
crime, violence, and sexual or emotional degradation, can shatter the dignity of the Self. Echinacea flower essence
stimulates and awakens the true inner Self, and restores the soul’s self-identity and essential wholeness in relation-
ship to the Earth and to the human family.
Sea salt base – The Environmental Formula is prepared in a mixture of Celtic Sea Salt, in the same proportion
as found in the world’s oceans.We find in sea salt, not only the physical minerals which contribute to health, but
also strong formative forces which are expressed in its light-infused crystalline structures.Thus the sea salt provides
stability and organization to integrate the overall formula and enhance its protective qualities.
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Source: http://www.flowersociety.org/yes.pdf


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