Bile acid metabolism and hypercholesterolemia Endothelial dysfunction and coronary intervention Molecular identification of oxygen sensitive potassium (K+) channels in the ductus arteriosus Studies of direct ventricular interaction: acute pulmonary hypertension, PEEP, and RV infarction The role of protein fatty acylation in metabolic Regulation of large conductance, Ca-activated K+ Mechanisms and consequences of cardiac insulin Neuroprotective efficacy of BDNF and GDNF in vivo: University of Calgary Clinical Neurosciences a molecular characterization Regulation of cardiac chloride/bicarbonate exchange The mouse cardiac ryanodine receptor: cloning, Cardioprotective mechanisms of estrogen receptor Molecular identity and modulation of K+ channels in Inward rectifier K+ current in vascular smooth New approaches to reversal of cerebral vasospasm $ 46,000.00 Endothelial cell dysfunction in preeclampsia Salivary gland hormones and myocyte function University of Calgary Clinical Neurosciences Effectiveness of carotid endarterectomy Regulation of the Na/H exchanger in the mammalian Conotoxins as models for channel isoform-specific Sociodemographic factors and access to cardiac Electrophysiology/pharmacology of rabbit cardiac Atrial fibrillation: modulators and temporal patterns Tyrosine kinase/tyrosine phosphatase, EDCF and Angiotensin II receptor blockade in ischemia Regulation of SR calcium transport in the heart Calcium channel regulation and hypertension Electrophysiological remodelling of the atria Endothelin and regulation of autonomic function Molecular mechanisms underlying leukocyte Molecular regulation of SERCA calcium pumps Cardiac myosin light chain phosphorylation Calcium binding protein in cardiovascular system Study of the receptor-active conformation of Matrix metalloproteinases and cytokine-mediated Signal transduction in vascular smooth muscle Modulation of cardiac K+ currents by protein kinase Correlation of structure and function in cardiac and Long-term regulation of sympathetic nerve activity University of Calgary Clinical Neurosciences perspectives Congestive heart failure and excitation contraction Interaction between adrenergic and peptide- Control and regulation of catecholemine secretion Wave-intensity analysis of cardiovascular dynamics Phosphatidylcholine and lipoprotein metabolism Assembly of lipoproteins and fat droplets in liver NMR studies of calponin, caldesmon and tubulin Regulation of fibrinolysis by annexin II tetramer Nitric oxide-releasing aspirin: potential as an anti- PKC isoenzymes in the regulation of smooth muscle Erythropoietin: possible role in hypoxia-induced brain University of Calgary Cell Biology & Anatomy damage Regulation of apolipoprotein A1 gene expression Design, production and characterization of improved Molecular determinants of L-type calcium channel Autonomic regulation of pacemaker potentiation Regulation of carbohydrate oxidation in cardiac Glycogen turnover and glycolytic capacity in the Kinetics of rate dependent changes in action Cerebral blood flow autoregulation dynamics and complexity in elderly normotensive and hypertensive Structures of activated plasma gelsolin and vitamin D- Mapping of nucleotide changes associated with lack of cardiovirulence in mutants of coxsackievirus B3 Anoxia and the control of intracellular pH regulating Anoxia-evoked changes in pH, calcium & sodium Regulation of cytidylyltransferase by oxidized lipids Role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and PKCdelta in Intrinsic conductances and protection from Molecular mechanics of elastic tissue and its role in Structure function relationships of hepatic lipase and To determine how cells regulate the adhesion of CD44 to hyaluronan and to evaluate the role of this adhesion in leukocyte-endothelial cell interaction Mechanisms of angiogenesis in ischemic vascular The role of NFkB in endothelial cell survival Psychosocial recovery from bypass surgery Changes in vascular reactivity in experimental cerebrovascular smooth muscle by acutely applied Effects of ischemic factors on currents and Ca2+ in Endothelial and smooth muscle cell injury in the pathogenesis of transplant vascular disease Role of endothelial cell injury and cell apoptosis in the pathogenesis of transplant vascular disease Insulin and hypertension: role of altered vascular Estrogen receptors in aortic valve endothelial cells Estimation of left ventricular mass by a novel three- Induction of antioxidant gene expression in Regulation of cardiomyocyte differentiation by MAP kinase pathways in normal and diseased heart Sphingolipid signal transduction in cardiomyocytes Regulation of NMDA receptor function by calbindin Adaptation of vascular smooth muscle to length Long-term outcome after open heart surgery and Regulation of cell growth by oxidized LDL A randomized trial of outpatient self-adjusted versus Ontogeny of cardiac contractility regulation Calcium gradients in vascular smooth muscle Mechanism of myocardial dysfunction during sepsis Effects of endothelin in congestive heart failure Mechanisms of cigarette smoke induced pulmonary Viral myocarditis: functional analysis of differentially expressed genes in coxsackievirus B3-infected Deflazacort and H-NMR of mdx cardiomyopathy Platelet abnormality in diabetes mellitus.
Control of phospholipid catabolism in mammalian Pathophysiology of lactic acidosis in experimental Studies on the biochemical basis of heart function: Modulation of cardiac extracellular matrix in Calpain activation in hypoxic cardiomyocytes.
Cardiolipin biosynthesis in the heart and mammalian Na-Ca exchange regulation in EC coupling.
The role of CD63 in the adhesion of human blood Gap junctions: role in myocyte proliferation Ventricular mechanics in experimental anaphylactic Left ventricular performance in gram negative Cardioprotective effects of adenosine receptor Chlamydia pneumonia and atherosclerosis.
The role of MAP kinase in platelet activation.
Interactions between H3 receptors and alpha2 adrenoreceptors on cardiac function in sepsis.
Development of neuroprotective anti-inflammatory agents after CNS ischemia based on blockagde of Properties of phospholipase D in heart sarcolemma Treatment of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke with an antisense of obgodeoxynucleotide targetting TNF- Involvement of Na+-H+ exchange in ischemic/ Ambulatory care and hospital services use for Brain protection during circulatory arrest.
Mechanisms of probucol protection in adriamycin- Renal handling of cationic cardiovascular drugs.
Anaphylactic shock: Studies of single venous Extending the safe cardiac preservation time for heart transplantaion: Magnetic resonance, electron Lindsay, William Kozlowski, Piotr Manitoba microscopic and function studies in pig hearts.
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase promotes vascular Mechanisms of C. pneumoniae exacerbation of Biology & Biochemistry Substrate oxidation during reperfusion Heat shock proteins and myocardial protection Butyrylcholinesterase and the neural regulation of Vascular response to immune injury in allograft Effects of cytoplasmic Ca modulation on EC Impairments of Auditory Selective Attention Resulting n-3 (Fish oil) Ployunsaturated Fatty Acids: Intracellular Ionized Magnesium and Cardiac Calcium Cerebrovascular Alterations Associated With Stroke Neurotransmission to intrinsic cardiac neurons Interaction of cis- and trans-fatty acids with Emergency department evaluation of venous Ischemia-sensitive cardiac afferent neurons Studies of the metabolism and function of The effect of left-to-right cardiac shunts on neonatal Evaluation of antithrombotic management of atrial Rat cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP): Initiation and modulation of contraction in cardiac Electrocardiographic body-surface mapping of Cardiac excitation-contraction coupling in ischemic Cardiac Prevention & Cardiovascular responses to treadmill exercise early Feedback of intracellular Ca2+ on Ca2+ current and Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output in Characterization of oxysterol bindings protein Stroke, gene expression and neuroprotection: Determination of reasons for ischemic heart disease Pharmacokinetics and pharmacologic modulation of Induction of cardiovascular growth processes by Pediatric Laboratory Mechanisms of ApoB overproduction in insulin Pediatric Laboratory Mechanisms and regulation off apolipoprotein B Warfarin and antiplatelet therapy in patients with Structural aspects of collagen biosynthesis.
RCT of anticoagulation in post Fontan children.
Fibrinolytic system in children: healthy and disease Imaging and preventing spreading depression, a Anatomy & Cell Biology critical determinant of stroke damage.
Supervised versus unsupervised exercise training - Mechanisms responsibile for homocysteine-induced Metabolic-excitation coupling in heart.
The role of calcium and potassium channels in heart Activation of TAFI and regulation of TAFIa.
The metabolism of platelet activating factor in brain Doxycycline treatment for restenosis.
Extracellular matrix regulates SMC proteolytic Role of the cytochrome P450 system in organic Clarke, Bryan J. Hatton, Mark W. McMaster University Relationship between hemostasis and tumor growth. $ 59,196.00 Regulation and transport capacities of MCTI and Heart valve prostheses - vascularity, fixation Supporting high school smoking reduction - Neuroprotection and gene expression in an animal model of perinatal hypoxia/ischemia.
Brain aneurysms: a three-dimensional and molecular study of wall collagen and wall mechanics.
Function of mechanisms of action of peroxisome Central autonomic control in the human.
PKC mediated vasoactive factors in diabetic heart Development of a novel covalent antithrombin- Calcium-sensitive poteassium channels in vascular Endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization and Mechanism of receptor-effector coupling specificity. $ 53,643.00 The immunopathogenesis of graft vascular disease.
Role of sex steroids in the central regulation of Hypertension: peripheral and central mechanisms in Homocysteine and cardiac transplantation.
The role of apolipoproteins in oxidation and Role of the Cdc42 and Rac-activated PAK kinase in cardiac hypertrophy and contractility.
Inward eutrophic arterial remodeling.
Epidemiology of nosocomial infection in paediatric Critical Care Medicine cardiovascular surgery patients.
Mechanisms of atherosclerotic lesion formation Atrial natriuretic factor and the cardiorenal axis.
Glutamate receptor gene transfer into spinal sympathetic neurons to control arterial pressure Ventricular fibrillation and defibrillation.
Cellular Neurobiology Ion-channel independent AMPA receptor activity in Calpain in the ischemic brain and heart: calpain Regulation of microvascular oxygen exchange The role of a novel methyl-DNA binding protein in The relevance of muscarinic receptors in global ischemia-induced delayed neuronal death.
Prolonged storage of cardiac allografts with shed Tyrosine kinase-mediated sensitization of adenylyl Tyrosine-kinase regulation of vasodilator function.
Role of NF-kappaB in NO release, apoptosis & Peptide actions in area postrema - cellular and ionic Intrinsic conductances and protection from excitotic Molecular mechanisms of G protein-coupled Acute phase reactants and loss of muscle mass The role of microglial tPA in neuronal death post- Cardiovascular regulation in men and women with Role of Flt-1 in regulating cardiovascular Effect of fenofibrate and vitamin E on myocardial D-dimer and IPG for recurrent DVT: A randomized Studies on valvular interstitial cells and valvular Neointimal formation in atherogenesis.
Control of placental invasion in preeclamptic Coronary artery, SR Ca-pumps and free radicals.
Neoangiogenesis in cerebral ischemia.
Function, structure and inhibition of nitric oxide Genetic, biochemical and molecular studies on Tyrosine phosphorylation and molecular organization of the NMDA receptor following transient global ischemia: implications for neuronal survival The ischemic penumbra dies by apoptosis.
The molecular basis of cerebral plasticity.
Support of the infrastructure of the stroke program Metabotropic glutamate receptors and cerebral Mechanisms of cyclic nucleotide action in platelets Control of thrombin activity and fibrin deposition at Induced moderate hypothermia in the treatment of Genetic determinants of blood pressure.
Genetic determinants of CHD risk in ethnic groups.
Effect of modulation of calcium homeostatis on Investigation of flow in the stenosed carotid Effect of dietary n-3 fatty acids on phospholipid- Protein import in cardiac mitochondria.
Sodium/potassium and acute ischemic neuronal Regulation of apolipoprottein B metabolism c-Myb-dependent smooth muscle proliferation.
Effect of antibiotics on colonic microflora activity and Pathophysiological determinants of fluid dynamics in Subcellular distribution ofCA2+ storage/release/entry sites in cardiac sarcoplasmic University of Toronto Anatomy & Cell Biology reticulm & sarcolemma in situ A study of viscerosensory perception in patients Interaction between endothelial-derived factors in Fixed dose unfractionated heparin for initial treatment of venous thromboembolism.
Recombinantly expressed polypeptides of human elastin as a novel tool for investigations of the Platelet-mediated acute thrombotic disorders Chemokines and transplantation rejection.
University of Western Cardiac Investigation Improving the effectiveness of thrombolytic therapy.
Pressure natriuresis: influence of ACE inhibitors and The role of LP(a)in cerebrovascular disease Interactive domains of apo(a): identification and Dynamic adaption of QT interval in long QT Arterial responses to hemodynamic stresses.
Prothrombotic effects of cross-linked hemoglobin.
Alterations in hypertensive arteries.
Cardiac angiotensin II and hemodynamic overload Therapeutic implications of blockade of the brain The role of endoglin in normal vasculature and in the pathogy of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia.
Chromatin structure of cardiac myosin heavy chain Influence of genotype and environment on endothelial cell expression of von Willebrand factor.
Iron overload cardiomyopathy-pathogenesis & Coronary microvasclature in heart failure: From Physical Education and HSP 70 expression and ischemia induced apoptosis Refractory hypertension and obstructive sleep Role of thiazide receptor gene in primary Laser-induced fluorescence: Optical analysis of Sites of interaction between phosphalamban and the E2F transcription factor promotes neuronal death Signal transduction in vascular smoothe muscle cell Cell membrane apoE and lipoprotein metabolism.
Effects of nitrovasodilators, NO and Co on blood Structure and function of the non-coding regions of Molecular regulation of the neuronal NO synthase gene: relevance to cerebrovascular and Bone density in children on long term warfarin.
Determination of the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound for the diagnosis of central venous line related thrombosis in the upper venous system in Mortality and outcomes of tetralogy of fallot in an Regulation of actin gene expression by mechanical Regulation of adipocyte LRP gene expression.
Oxygen tension regulation in cyanotic heart disease. $ 65,925.00 Impact of gender on the renin angiotensin system.
Plasma lipid transfer proteins: structure and biology Neurohormone activation and the progression of Ischemic alterations of NMDA receptors.
Cell surface area regulation in ischemia: mechanics and dynamics of neuronal; plasma membrane Post-transcriptional regulation of cytochrome Membrane functions in aging myocardium.
The activation of TAFI in the properties of TAFla Oxidative stress in human congestive heart failure.
The role of lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase in atherosclerosis - studies in gene-targeted mice.
Biofeedback reactivity & relapse prevention trial.
O2-sensing mechanisms in rat adrenal chromaffin Arterial alpha and beta estrogen receptors.
Histomorphometry and hemodynamics of human University of Toronto Biomedical Engineering arterial grafts.
Mechanisms of cardiac fibrosis in iron overload and Reducing disability in chronic stroke through University of Toronto Anatomy & Cell Biology Cardiac calreticullin: cell and developmental biology.
Cellular mechanisms of neuroprotection by hypothermia and intravenous anesthetics.
A potent new hypertensive system linked to blood Expression of atrial natriuretic peptides and their Chronic ischemia of brain and retina.
Mechanisms of apoptosis in ischemia.
Studies concerning tolerance and the vascular The control and modulation of cardiac sympathetic Cerebral protectin by insulin for cardiac surgery.
Integrins and smooth muscle cell migration Estrogen receptor B function in vascular smooth Interaction of sPLA2/SAA-hydrolysed lipoproteins University of Toronto Wellesley Central Site with vascular wall cells.
A novel fibrinolysis accelerator localized by procoagulant phospholipid: plasmin-mediated conversion of the coagulation enzyme complex, prothrombinase, into a tissue plasminogen activator Regulation of cardiovascular remodelling by elafin and a novel vascular chymase: Studies including a Apolipoprotein A, AML1, elastase and tenascin in The procoagulant surface of activiated platelets: Haematology/Oncology persistence in vivo and in vitro Psychological factors and platelet activation: predictors and mechanisms of restenosis following Program length and cardiac rehabilitation.
neuroendocrine and cardiovascular function.
Neuroprotection in cerebral ischemia by IAP Role of mitochondrial respiratory chain free radical production in response to cardiac ischemia and The role of GluR2 in cerebral ischemia.
Neuronal death resulting from a loss of neurotrophin Neuropsychological profiles of limb apraxia.
Neutrophil mediated cardiomyocyte cytotoxicity: role Heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis in an Metoprolol and ischemic viable myocardium.
Predictors of neurodevelopmental outcomes after Role of adhesion molecules in monocyte diapedesis.
Microglia activation and ischemic damage to brain The effect of mechanical strain on cell signalling in The effects of low molecular-weight and standard Thrombin-inhibitory serpin mechanism.
Psychological treatment of depression in post-acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina patients.
Effect of anemia & RBCs on septic myocardial The molecular basis of cardiac muscle development.
Role of human adipocyte differentiation in obesity.
Biobehavioural aspects of coronary heart disease.
Effects of ischemia on cerebral endothelial Cellular Neurobiology cell/neutrophil interactions Fundamental hemodynamic factors in early carotid artery disease: A non-invasive human study.
Hypothermic and freezing during preservation of Vein graft repair following balloon angioplasty.
Anoxic/ischemic injury in mammalian CNS white matter: calcium-dependent effector systems PAI-1 structure, function and interaction studies.
Influence of ventricular refractoriness on Regional variations in cardiovascular disease in Molecular characterization of the plasmalemmal Heparin sensitivity and resistance in vascular Older women's CV function: short term aerobic Role of scinderin, a novel actin filament-severing Carotid endarterectomy health services research Calcium channel components from heart sarcolemma $ 121,072.00 The role of RHAMM in determining response to PDGF Playfair Neuroscience Molecular mechanisms of calcium neurotoxicity.
Role of capillary in microvascular blood flow control.
Risk factors for coronary artery disease in women Gladman, Dafna Steiner, George Toronto Hospital The role of p21-activated kinase, PAK, in regulation Functional roles of the brain Na, K-ATPase, Depression of AMPA receptor-mediated excitation Effects of hyrogen peroxide on myocardial tissues.
Impact of a preoperative intervention on pain Atrial fibrillation in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Cardiovascular control after spinal cord injury Protection from perioperative ischemia.
Mechanisms of plasminogen activator-induced Mechanism of signalling via cardiac muscarinic DVT Investigation evaluation & management study The BIOPED study (bedside investigation of Ischemic preconditioning of the myocardium: role of Thromboresistance of acellular matrix vascular Anesthesics in the prevention of ischemic brain MR imaging and spectroscopy of combination therapy directed against myocardial reperfusion Chronically hypoxic newborn hearts response to Impact of gender on myocardial pathology & Studies of the mechanisms of action of ovarian hormones upon lipoproteins metabolism in Assessment of congenital heart disease with MRI MaVS - metoprolol after vascular surgery.
Insulin cardioplegia for poor left ventricular function.
Atrial fibrillation: ventricular irregularity and atrial Clearance and metabolism of low-molecular weight Inflammatory and infectious markers in the HOPE Playfair Neuroscience Functionality and pharmacology of post-ischemic Estrogen in the central regulation of autonomic Cellular and molecular changes induced by Montreal Nueurological Regulation of cerebral arteriolar tone by pressure Left ventricular geometric studies in aortic Heart developmental disorders and transcription CHUL, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Regulated expression of adhesion molecules in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis : the ICAM-1 model Regional hermodynamics and insulin sensitivity in Role of adenosine as an inhibitor of the synthesis of Functional properties of dual AV nodal inputs Propriété modulatrice calcique du PAF dans le Na,K-ATPase structure, function and regulation Analyse approfondie du rôle de CLA-I dans la cellule Environnement de travail, maladie coronarienne, Régulation de la sécrétion d'aldostérone par les ions Mechanisms of ventricular tachycardia and anthiarrhythmic drug action in ischemically Étude de l'inactivation rapide des canaux sodiques Gene expression in cardiac hypertrophy and Regulation of prostaglandin functions on ocular Transmyocardial revascularization and angiogenesis $ 16,500.00 Acylation stimulating protein: regulation of adipocyte Skeletal muscle blood flow and insulin-mediated Characterization of red blood cell aggregation Caveolae and cell signaling in the cardiovascular Respiratory muscle blood flow regulation by katp Étude des tachykinines et de leurs récepteurs sur le Dynamics of superior mesenteric artery blood flow Institut de Cardiologie Effet d'antiarythmiques et de la LPC sur le couplage Molecular Cytogenetics The 22q11 deletion syndrome : cloning of candidate genes and refinement of the critical region Novel animal models of left ventricular hypertrophy Sympathoadrenal modulation of triglyceride Lipoprotein metabolism in visceral obesity High blood pressure and decreased pain perception Pharmacologie cardiovasculaire des endothélines et des kinines chez les souris transgéniques Neuroanatomical organization of opioidergic pathways involved in the regulation of stress HLH transcription factors in heart-specific gene Efficacité cardioprotectrice des vasodilateurs dans la défaillance cardiaque chronique : atteintes coronariennes et répercussions myocardiques Rôle du système endothéline dans l'hypertension Biochemical and mutational analysis of soluble Le développement et l'utilisation d'outils moléculaires pour la recherche sur les récepteurs de l'angiotensine et d'autres médiateurs peptidiques Estrogen regulation of cardiac K + currents Biological characterizations of endothelin, its Centre de recherche receptors and its maturation process using synthetic Ontogeny of PGE2 receptors in the ductus Regulation of human neutrophil/platelet aggregation Rôle de l'angiotensine II et du calcium dans la Increasing sedentary adolescents' physical activity Caractéristiques physiques de prothèses vasculaires humaines obtenues par génie tissulaire Platelet activation and interaction in flowing The role of regulators G-protein (RGS) in regulating vasoactive G-protein coupled receptor agonist Propriétés structurales des récepteurs de Characterization of AT1 receptor associated Role of natriuretic peptide system in cardiomyopathic hamster model of congestive heart failure Le système sérotonergique cérébrovasculaire : une Centre de recherche Vascular endothelial growth factor evoked nitric Organization and specificity in GPCR signalling Characterization of novel ionic transporters in the Endocardial endothelium : correlation between NPY receptors pharmacology and fetal development Verbal communication deficits following right- Preconditioning: role of Na/H exchange in delayed Role of BK and des-Arg9-BK in the cardioprotective Plaquettes et sauvegarde du myocarde reperfusé Properties and regulation of Ca2+ -dependent CI- Characterization of endothelial cell converting Les récepteurs surrénaliens de l'angiotensine II Mechanisms involved in intestinal lipid transport : role of both forms of fatty acid binding proteins (I + L) Beneficial effects of estrogen on the vasculatere Early indicators of developmental seguelea in Occupational Therapy children with congenital heart defects Importance of tyrosine phosphorylation in the hypertrophic action of angiotensin II on vascular Adhesion molecules in neutrophil and platelet Risk for hypertension in Canadian black men and Service de Génétique, Macrophage foam cells : metabolic engineering to Nitric oxide and cerebral ischemia/reperfusion Peptides mechanism of action in the anterior Interaction between antiarrythmics and cardiac Mechanisms of gene transcription in the heart Heat shock proteins and ion transport in Determination of the drug binding domain of the Na/H Stimulation de la synthèse d'oxyde nitrique Dysfonction endothéliale et athérosclérose du Characterization of transforming growth factor-B Noninvasive evaluation of pulmonary arterial pressure, valve hemodynamic, and exercise capacity in patients with a prosthetic heart valve Eicosanoids and neutrophil-endothelial cell Régulation de la tension artérielle par les glucocorticoïdes : rôle de l'endothéline-1.
Cellular grafts and embolization of aneurysms Effect of lipoprotein lipase on smooth muscle cell Regulation of the cardiac myosin heavy chain locus Identification of genes predisposing to stroke Rôle et régulation des canaux calciques du réticulum sarcoplasmique des cellules auriculaires humaines.
Beta-irradiation in situ du rete mirabile porcin per injection intra-artérielle de marqueurs radioactifs Molecular characterization of a calcium-activated potassium channel of intermediate conductance in Risk stratification after myocardial infarction Peptidergic mechanisms and blood pressure control Is vasoconstrictive reserve diminished in orthostatic Modulation des récepteurs de l'ATP de type P2X Dynamics and ionics of cultured cardiac myocytes Vascular injury and repair: prevention of restenosis Le calcium extracellulaire; facteur clef dans les changements de réactivité vasculaire dans la Modulators of antiarrhythmic drug effects Characterization of myocardial alpha1-adrenoceptor Functional and molecular characterization of cardiac Deleting alloantigen-specific T cells in cardiac transplantation by inhibiting proteasome activity Tracking physical activity and smoking in adolescent females: The role of physical self-perceptions Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1. Glycolysis and hypoxia- Adaption of myocardial B-adrenoceptor coupled Ambulatory care and hospital services use of cardiovascular disease: The impact of socio- Anatomy & Cell Biology ischemia/reperfusion injury in cardiovascular tissue College of Pharmacy & Dietary protein as a determinant of brain glutathione The role of phoshorylation in muscle contraction Calmodulin regulated proteins in the heart Febrile/non-febrile bacterial infection and cerebral Functional specialization of glial cell populations in The vascular effect of carbon monoxide and the Influence of thermoregulation on hypoxic-ischemic



Honig- Ginseng Granulat Das moderne koreanische Energiepaket für Vitalität aus der Natur liegt jetzt u.a. unter dem Handels-namen HoneySweet Ginseng vor. Honig und Ginseng gehören zu den ältesten Energie- und Vitalitätsspendern der Menschheits-geschichte. Aus Bernsteinfunden ist bekannt, dass es schon seit 40- 50 Millionen Jahren Bienen auf unserer Erde gibt. Die Menschen haben schon

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Rijgevaarlijke geneesmiddelen Inleiding Het Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR) is een Zelfstandig Bestuursorgaan (ZBO) dat door de overheid is aangewezen om bepaalde wettelijke taken uit te voeren. Het CBR is zelf geen overheid, maar een stichting die zijn eigen inkomsten genereert uit door de Minister van Verkeer en Waterstaat goedgekeurde tarieven. Het CBR is vooral beken

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