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Autonomous RTU/Data Logger
• Maintenance free operation for over 10
• GSM/EGPRS and CDMA2000 Versions • Quick and easy installation • 2 analog inputs, 3 digital inputs • SDI-12 sensor data acquisition • Several excitation options for external Applications
• Water
Technical characteristics
internal 13.0 Ah Lithium Thionyl battery or external 10-24V power ADU-500 is an ultra low power wireless RTU with data logging and alarming capabilities. The battery powered RTU incorporates three digital inputs, two analog inputs, one pulse counter input and multiple excitation options Aver. 2.5mA (measurement w/o sensor current) measurement channels, based on the popular SDI-12 communication protocol. automatically send data and alarm information. The RTU is available for 2, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1V, 0-20mA differential inputs, 12 bit battery can provide autonomous operation for over 10 years. Measurements & Data Logging
system controller for detecting an alarm condition. Analog input gain, scaling and alarm limits are user definable. The analog according to the user defined sampling rate. Sampling rate and sampling duration affect the battery life according to the transducer SDI-12 Serial Bus
Firmware features
SDI-12 is an asynchronous, ASCII, serial developed for intelligent sensory instruments that typically monitor environmental data. The communication is achieved by digital allows data recorder to communicate with several microprocessor-based sensors over a single line. ADU-500 is compliant to the SDI-12 Standard Version 1.2 and supports configuration, in terminal mode. ADU-500 Transducer excitation
The unit provides multiple excitation options Alarming & messaging
Ordering information
for verifying unit availability. The unit supports discrete recipient alarming for ADU-500-X
several users. Alarm message texts are user Data Transmission
ADU-500 supports periodical data transmission according to user defined parameters. The unit can send data via SMS to predefined users or to an internet FTP server via the FTP protocol. Setup and programming
The unit can be programmed locally through the serial port or remotely via SMS by using simple ASCII configuration commands. The command set features commands for configuring input alarm parameters, scaling parameters and alarm limits, timing parameters and defining user groups. ADU-500 can be remotely reconfigured by sending configuration commands to the unit during the periodical status message processing.
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