Accm-7 the 7th asian-australasian conference on composite materials november 15-18, 2010

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Super-toughened Polyethylene Terephthalate Nanocomposites
Chen-Feng Kuan1, Kun-Chang Lin2 , Hsu-Chiang Kuan3*
1Department of Computer Application Engineering, Far East University 744, Tainan county, Taiwan 2Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Far East University 744, Tainan county, Taiwan 3 Department of Energy Application Engineering, Far East University 744, Tainan county, Taiwan Corresponding authorΚNo.49, Chung Hua Rd., Hsin-Shih. Tainan County 744, Taiwan, R.O.C. ABSTRACT
process on the mechanical properties and thermal A new modification approach was proposed to properties of the CNT / PET composite. A novel reacton prepare the multiwall carbon nanotube (MWNT) / mechanism was proposed for this research. polyethylene terephthalate (PET) nanocomposites. A Vinyltriethoxysilane and benzoyl peroxide were utilized modified MWNT was chemically reacted with the to modify the surface of carbon nanotube by a free tougher, polyolefin grafted maleic anhydride. The radical reaction. Comparing to functionalize CNT by physical properties of these MWNT / PET resin acid treatment, covalently functionalized CNT by the nanocomposite were studied. From the results, adding addition of free radicals is particularly useful for MWNT can improve the tensile strength and Impact large-scale synthesis and provides functional groups for strength as the MWNT content was increased; In thermal properties of nanocomposites, the temperatures of maximum weight loss of PET and 3wt% MWNT / PET composites are 450oC and 456.0oC, respectively. 2. EXPERIMENTAL
2.1 Materials
Toughener, Carbon nanotubes, (1)Carbon Nanotube: C100, the diameter is 10~40 nm, Polyethylene Terephthalate, nanocompositesʳ (2)VTMOS: Vinyl trimethoxy silane, 97 %, ALDRICH. 1. INTRODUCTION
Carbon nanotube (CNT) generates a great potential 2.2 Preparation of modified MWNT
in the synthesis of polymer composite due to its excellent T To prepare the MWNT which were modified by axial tensile strength. In addition to the exceptional free radical grafting. First, we should choose the best initial mechanical properties, CNT possesses superior thermal agent ( AIBN or BPO ) at 70 к for 5 hours. After that and electrical properties such as high thermal stability up we could obtain the MWNT which were modified by to 2800ºC in vacuum, thermal conductivity about twice VTMOS, and named VTMOS-MWNT in this study. as high as diamond, and is 1000 times higher than copper 2.3 Preparation of MWNT /PET nanocomposite
wires in electric-current-carrying capacity [1-3]. Multiwall carbon nanotube and POE-g-MA were The CNT-based composites have been intensively prepared as masterbatch then compounded by a co-rotating type twin screw extruder with PET resin; studied using different matrix polymer materials[4]. with L/D=43.5, and a high shear rate configuration. The Rahul Sen and co-workers reports single-walled carbon rotation speed is 100 rpm and barrel temperatures are nanotube (SWNT) reinforced polyurethane composite from 240ºC to 270ºC. Extruded material was cut into membranes [5]. All the membranes show a nonlinear small pellets in a granulator. Dumb-bell shaped elastic behavior in the low stress region (0-2 MPa) and specimens were then injection moulded using a Battenfeld, Ba750 CDPLUS injecting molding machine from dried pellets at a mould temperature of 260-290qC. The objective of this study is to investigate the The maximum injection pressure was 100 bars and the effects of carbon nanotube contents and the modification


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