Kwajalein atoll international sportfishing club (kaisc)

11 December 2013
Revision Date
The organization shal be known by US Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA), the community and its
members as the Kwajalein Atoll International Sportfishing Club (KAISC).
The objectives of the KAISC shal be to promote the sports of fishing, motor boating and other
marine activities, and to provide its members opportunities for participation in these activities.
The KAISC will not propagate extremist activities nor advocate violence against others or the violent overthrow of the Government. The KAISC will not seek to deprive individuals of their civil rights. ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS
Any resident of USAKA and Kwajalein Atoll, who professes an interest in power boating, fishing
or other similar water sport, and who is willing to actively support the KAISC and its purposes,
may be accepted as a member.
The KAISC will have an Executive Board comprised of the following officers: President, Vice-
President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer positions may be held by the
same person. The Executive Board shal be the governing body of the KAISC.
President - The President is the executive officer and shall preside at all meetings and formal
functions of the KAISC. The president shal be responsible for the enforcement of al rules.
Vice-President - The Vice-President shal assist the President and, in the Presidents absence,
shal officiate in the role of the executive officer.
Secretary - The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all club and Executive
Board meetings and prepare and maintain KAISC correspondence.
Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial records and transactions of the
The elections of the officers which make up the Executive Board will typically be held at the
December meetings and the newly-elected officers shall assume office on January 1 for a one-
year term. The election shall be by a simple majority of the voting members attending the election meeting. Executive Board will consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. KAISC Secretary will inform USAKA of new Officers/Executive Board Members via letter. ARTICLE VI - FINANCES
A checking account shall be maintained for the KAISC at the on-island bank endorsed by
USAKA/RTS for the retention of such funds as may be received from dues, fees, and other
sources. The use of the money shal be decided in accordance to the needs of the KAISC.
All expenditures of KAISC funds shall be made by check. All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer or any other member of the Executive Board. No liability will be incurred nor any expenditure made in excess of the liquid cash assets under the immediate control of the KAISC. At the time of each election or re-election of the Treasurer, but at least bi-annual y, an audit will be conducted of all financial transactions of the KAISC from present back to the completion date of the last audit. Audit will be performed IAW USAKA/RTS auditing guidelines. The individual conducting such an audit wil be independent of the KAISC and wil use current prescribed auditing and reporting standards. Report of all audits shall be forwarded to USAKA. In case of dissolution of the KAISC, the moneys and property of the KAISC shal be turned over for donation to the Special Olympics. In cases of debts or claims against the KAISC that exceed the KAISC’s assets, the KAISC members will NOT be liable, nor will the KAISC. The KAISC is a non-profit organization and therefore is not required to pay any local or federal taxes. ARTICLE VII - AMENDMENTS
The constitution of the KAISC may be amended as the membership of the KAISC deems
necessary. An amendment must be proposed by a regular member in good standing at a
regular or special meeting. Amendment shal then be voted on at the next regular meeting.
Those members (members that have provided KAISC with a valid e-mail address) not present
during the next regular meeting will be allowed to vote electronically. Any amendment to the
Constitution must be approved by two-thirds of the regular membership voting. No
amendment shall be effective until approved in writing by USAKA.
11 December 2013
Revision Date
The Executive Board, the governing body of the KAISC, shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers’ Duties
- Chief executive officer of the KAISC. Responsible for, but not limited to:
1. enforcement of the Constitution and By-Laws of the KAISC. 2. implementing and maintaining all policies established by the Executive 3. calling and presiding over all meetings of the general membership and 4. appointing committee chairman with the approval of the Executive Board. Vice President - First assistant to the President and shal be responsible for, but not
limited to:
1. officiating in the absence of the President. 2. arranging programs for the general membership meetings. 3. coordinating all club publicity. Secretary - Principal clerical officer of the KAISC and shal be responsible for, but not
limited to:
1. club correspondence. 2. keeping clear minutes of all meetings. 3. keeping membership roster updated. 4. posting KAISC Constitution, By-Laws, and policies. 5. maintaining KAISC records and archives. Treasurer - Principal fiscal officer of the KAISC and shall be responsible for, but not
limited to:
1. maintaining the financial records of the KAISC.
2. collecting all moneys due to the KAISC.
3. depositing all receipts in the KAISC’s account.
4. paying all bills owed by the KAISC.
5. submitting monthly written financial reports to the Executive Board, making
copies available to the general membership, as requested. Succession
If the President cannot complete his/her term of office for any reason, the Vice-President shall become President for the remainder of his/her term of office. If the Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer cannot complete their term of office for any reason, the general membership shall elect a replacement to serve for the remainder of the term of office. ARTICLE II - FINANCES
Annual Dues
KAISC annual membership is valid from January 1 of current year until December 31 of current year. Annual dues are payable on January 1. Dues for regular membership shall be $25.00. Dues for use of KAISC tug shal be $60.00. Dues for use of all KAISC vehicles (tug & tractor) shall be $150.00. Note: All vehicle users must be paid members of KAISC. If a new member joins the club on or after July 1 of the fiscal year, the annual dues will be $15.00. Vehicle fees will be $75.00. Special Assessments may be prorated, if determined by membership at the time of the assessment approval. There are no dues for honorary or Lifetime members. KAISC Executive Board Members will receive free membership for the term being served as an Executive Officer. Assessments
Assessments may be levied after prior notice, by a two-thirds majority vote at a regular or special meeting. Payment By Check
All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer or any other member of the Executive Board. Executive Board Spending
The Executive Board is authorized to spend, between any two regular meetings, up to $250.00 without the approval of the general membership. ARTICLE III - MEETINGS
Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the general membership will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise designated by the Executive Board and upon due notice to the membership. Special Meetings
Special meetings of the general membership or the Executive Board may be called as needed for urgent matters. At regular meetings, a quorum shal be two-thirds of the average regular membership attendance at the three preceding regular meetings. At Executive Board meetings, a quorum shal be no less than two-thirds of the Executive Board. Voting on general motions made at membership and Executive Board meetings shal be by a show of hands, unless the majority of members present prefer a secret bal ot. A simple majority rules for voting on general motions. Voting on amendments to the Constitution & Club By-Laws, assessments, and/or any other motion that is of significant importance to all KAISC members will be accomplished via a show of hands by all members present at the general membership meeting and via absentee electronic ballot. Absentee electronic ballot voting will be made available to all KAISC members who are not present during the membership and Executive Board meeting that have provided KAISC a valid e-mail address. Should a motion be made and seconded at a Regular or Special KAISC meeting that is deemed of significant importance to the entire membership, the KAISC President or other elected officer conducting the meeting, solely at their discretion, may elect to temporarily table the motion so that it may be voted on by the membership at the next club meeting or via electronic ballot. This measure would allow dissemination of information about major issues to the entire membership so that policies reflect the vote of the largest cross section of the membership as possible. ARTICLE IV - ELECTIONS
Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee will consist of three members selected by the Executive Board and announced at the November regular meeting. The Nominating Committee will elect its own chairman. Nominations
The Nominating Committee will present its slate at the regular meetings in December. Nominations from the floor may be accepted at these meetings. Prior consent must be obtained from any nominee not present at the meeting. The nominations wil be disseminated electronically via e-mail to KAISC members at least one week prior to the December meeting. Officer Elections
Officers shall be elected at the December regular meetings. The chairman of the Nominating Committee shall provide written ballots for this election. Election shall be by simple majority of the members voting. If there is more than one nominee for any office, voting shal be by secret ballot. Write-ins shall constitute valid votes. In the case of lack of simple majority, the candidate with the least number of votes shal be dropped from the bal ot and another vote taken. Absentee Votes
Any member who will be absent at the election meeting may leave his proxy with the Nominating Committee Chairman. Nominating Committee Chairman
The Nominating Committee Chairman shall be responsible for the integrity of the election. ARTICLE V - COMMITTEES
Forming of Committees
Committees shall be established as the needs of the KAISC dictate. Committee Chairpersons
Committee Chairmen shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board; except for the Nominating Committee Chairman. Membership
Committee membership is open to all members. Policies
Policies and guidelines established by committees are to be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board. Such a review may be requested by any member. ARTICLE VI - AMENDMENTS
The By-Laws can be amended as the membership of the KAISC deems necessary. An
amendment must be proposed by a KAISC member at a regular or special meeting and shall be
voted on at the next regular meeting or via electronic ballot. It must be passed by two thirds of
the regular membership voting.



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