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pickled quail eggs, cherry tomatoes and yougurt dressing with seasonal vegetables, balsamic dressing fresh mozzarella with roasted zucchini, eggplant and basil pesto with classic Caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan cheese and baked bacon fresh and roasted vegetables with white cheese with arugula,almond –crusted baked goat cheese,raspberries, pear and truffle dressing fried with wild garlic, peppers, olives, served with cold gazpacho ANTIPASTI parma ham, artichokes, grilled zucchini and eggplant, fresh mozzarella and arugula SALMON homemade salted and smoked with citruses, red caviar, sour cream, pickled Patissons, Russian rye bread GOAT CHEESE mature goat cheese baked with acacia honey and truffle, sweet red onions and pears MARINATED OCTOPUS parfait with eggplant, potatoes and Ayoli sauce with dried tomatoes and basil with squid ink, salmon, zucchini, dill FETUCHINI with chicken, pesto and cherry tomatoes GNOCCHI potato gnocchi with smoked speck, sage and white sauce PELMENI with minced beef, chili oil and cream RISOTTO WITH MUSHROOMS truffle paste and hard Italian cheese ARUGULA RISOTTO Parma ham and mozzarella RISOTO WITH ASPARAGUS poached quail egg, black truffle and parmesan cream sauce tomato sauce, baked eggplant and mozzarella CORN FED CHICKEN soft polenta with mushrooms, gorgonzola sauce and sun-dried tomatoes LAMB T-BONE STEAK with mashed eggplant, grilled Halloumi cheese, chickpeas popcorns and mint sauce BAKED PORK NECK marinated with kvass and wholegrain mustard served with steamed buckwheat and smoked bacon MILK FED VEAL T–BONE STEAK with herb roasted potatoes, lemon & green pepper sauce VEAL OSSO BUCO mashed purple potatoes, glazed carrots,celeriac and Gremolata Sauce BAKED SEABASS in vine leaves, tomatoes, olives, capers and fresh lovage SALMON baked fillet with vegetable ragout, salsify, mushroom and preserved lemons sauce Served with fresh salad and lemon dressing CLUB SANDWICH "LONDON" white toast, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, grilled bacon, smoked turkey tenderloin and cheese CROC MONSIEUR grilled sandwich with smoked pork loin, Gruyere Emmental cheese and mustard SALMON rye bread, paste of avocado, red onion and capers CHICKEN sauce with Donner kebab spices, thin bread, roasted onions, tomatoes and potatoes VEGETARIAN mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant, whole wheat bread, olive paste and tomatoes MOZZARELA AND HAM Baked on baguette with pesto and tomatoes served with fresh cream WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE "SAN PELEGRINO" Sparkling Water ”PFANNER” Selection of Bottled juices Irish whiskey, brown sugar, Black coffee and whipped cream FRENCH CAFE Cognac, Grand Marnier, Black coffee and whipped cream RUSSIAN COFFEE Tia Maria liqueur, vodka Smirnoff, coffee and whipped cream HOT ALEXANDER brown cocoa liquor, cognac and whipped cream CLASSIC GROG black tea, dark rum Captain Morgan, fresh lemon juice, brown sugar, orange peels and clove spice ESPRESSO "Blue Mountain", Jamaica ESPRESSO "Brazil Sul Minas December" “MAGIC LOTUS”-JASMINE & STRAWBERRY aromatic and refreshing green tea, with jasmine blossom and amaranth, purify the senses and stimulates appetite "ROYAL Lilly" with rich, complex flavor and full body, tea green, with flowers of royal lily and osmanthus suitable with a dessert "TASTE of LIFE" delicate and tender green tea, with tiny blossoms of white Chinese plum Mei-hua, ideal for late afternoon "HEART of TIBET" elegant green tea, lively and very beautiful, with blossom of white plum Chinese Mei-hua and amaranth WHITE TEA "SILVER NEEDLES" very fine, with airy sweet flavors, prepared from adi buds with silver white color GRAY TEA "FORMOSA OOLONG" semi-fermented tea with scents of fresh fruit and flowers, perfect for after dinner GRAY TEA "GINSENG OOLONG" with soft aromas of mountain herbs and long sweet aftertaste of honey, refreshing and mellow BLACK TEA "GOLDEN BUDS OF YUNNAN" high black tea from southwestern Yunnan province of complex nature and the smell of dried figs BLACK MATURED TEA "PU-ERH" KING Known in Japan as the tea of beauty, eternal joy and infinite energy, lowering blood sugar levels, loosing weight and stimulating digestion. MATE with ginkgo biloba, guarana and orange blossom BORA BORA raisins, elder flowers, papaya, apples, hibiscus, black currant, raspberry, strawberry STRAWBERRY KISS wild strawberries, rose petals, orange peel SELECTION OF LOOSE TEAS “MAGRETT” washers with lemon and mint leaves COLD CHINESE BLACK TEA with a fresh lemon and mint leaves NESTEA / choice of peach or lemon / Bottle 250 ml QUANTUM CHARDONNAY 2011 Domaine Boyar Bottle of 250 ml. CHIANTI MELINI, DOCG, Italy BARONESS MATHILDE ROTHSCHILD 1994 TOKAY SZAMORODNY 2004 Count Degenfeld MADEIRA BLANDY’S 15 years old CALVADOS P. MAGLOIRE 20 YEARS OLD 50 ml. OLMEGA GOLD 50 ml. 6 lv. SAUZA CONMERTAIVO ANIEJO 50 ml. 5 lv. JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL 21 YEARS OLD 50 ml. JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL 10 YEARS OLD 50 ml.


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Docteur François BOBIN Service ORL POLYCLINIQUE DE POITIERS 1 rue de la Providence 86035 Poitiers Cedex( + 33 (0)5 49 41 23 04( + 33 (0)5 49 61 72 50 L'oreille interne est fragile, quelques conseils pour la préserver. 1- Voici une liste des principales substances médicamenteuses ayant une toxicité potentielle pour l'oreille interne (même normale). Ne les prendre que s'il sont i

artigo originaL / research report / artícuLo Detection of antimicrobial-resistant gram-negative bacteria in hospital effluents and in the sewage treatment station of Goiânia, Brazil Detección de bacterias gram negativas resistentes a antimicrobianos en efluentes hospitalarios y en la estación de tratamiento de aguas residuales de Goiânia, Brasil Detecção de bactérias

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