NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR INTERCHANGEABLE DRUG PRODUCTS FORMULARY New Categories Effective February 21, 2013 *Not covered by NLPDP CHANGES TO THE NLPDP BENEFIT LISTING SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION Coverage criteria can be viewed atThe following medications are now being considered under Special Authorization for Foundation, (BUPRENORPHINE HCL/NALOXONE HCL) DIN 02295695; DIN 02295709 HYPER-SAL 7% (SODIUM CHLORIDE 7%) NHP# 80029414 Cystic Fibrosis TOVIAZ 4 MG, 8 MG TABLET (FESOTERODINE) DIN ZENHALE 50ug-5ug, 100ug-5ug, 200ug-5ug INHALER (MOMETASONE/FORMOTEROL) DIN 02361744; DIN The following special authorization medications have new coverage criteria: XARELTO 10 MG TABLET (RIVAROXABAN) DIN TABLET and generics (TOPIRAMATE) IMITREX DF 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, and generics (SUMATRIPTAN), ZOMIG 2.5mg tablets, ZOMIG (ZOLMITRIPTAN), MAXALT 5mg, 10mg tablets spray (ZOLMITRIPTAN Nasal spray), IMITREX 5mg, 20mg nasal spray (SUMATRIPTAN nasal spray) IMITREX 12mg/ml injection (SUMATRIPTAN sc The Common Drug Review (CDR) reviews new drugs and provides an evidence-based formulary listing recommendation, made by the(CEDAC), on behalf of participating publicly-funded drug plans. Reviews for the fol owing products were completed by the Common Drug Review and coverage was not recommended. As such, these products will not be considered for coverage under the NLPDP. CEDAC recommendations can be LATUDA 40 MG DIN 02387751; LATUDA 80 MG DIN 02387778; RESOTRAN 1 MG DIN 02377012; RESOTRAN 2 MG DIN 02377020 The Atlantic Common Drug Review (ACDR) is a regional review process that provides evidence- based recommendations for coverage of new indications and line extensions for existing medications. Drug evaluation summaries are prepared by independent reviewers based on the manufacturer’s drug submission and a systematic literature search. The drug evaluation summary is presented to the Atlantic Expert Advisory Committee who recommends the place in therapy. It is then up to each individual province to make a decision as to the coverage status. Reviews for the following products were completed by the ACDR and coverage was not recommended. As such, these products will not be considered for coverage under the NLPDP. NOVORAPID FLEXTOUCH 100 UNT/ML DIN 02377209 COLISTIMETHATE 150 MG INJECTION DIN 02244849 TRAMADOL/ACETAMINOPHEN combinations all generic brands and DINS The pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) Expert Review Committee (pERC) assesses the clinical evidence and cost-effectiveness of cancer drugs, in order to make recommendations to the provinces and territories to guide their drug funding decisions. Recommendations for drug products that may be considered for funding are provided to the provincial or territorial Ministries of Health and provincial cancer agencies, along with the reasons why the recommendation has been made. The recommendations and the reasoning behind them are also available to the public. Review for the fol owing product was completed by the pCODR and coverage was not recommended. As such, this product, for the indication noted, wil not be considered for coverage under the NLPDP. pERC recommendations can be viewed atVOTRIENT 200MG (Soft Tissue Sarcoma) DIN 02352303


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PHARMACY Max. Marks 100 Attempt all 50 questions, each question carries 02 marks. There is no negative marking. Please mark the correct answer as A/B/C/D at appropriate place, on the right hand side of the question, in blue or black ink. Q.1 Genetically modified species of papaver namely papaver braceatum and papaver oriental Q.2. A β- lactamase inhibitor which contain an 1- Oxopenam s

Useful Herbs for an Equine Cough Autumn and winter can be a miserable time whene around. It’s a time when there are colds and viruses circulating freely amongst our horses. Herbs can be a wonderful natural remedy for an equine cough and can be used as a preventative as well as a remedy. If we remember that most modern medicine originated from herbal medicine we know we are in good hands a pe

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