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Feline Neuter: Details & Explanations
Feline Neuter w/ isofluorane anesthesia & surgery:
o Your cat will receive isofluorane gas anesthesia which is a very safe & advanced form of anesthesia and is used in many human hospitals. It does not require the liver or kidneys for metabolism; instead it is simply exhaled through the lungs within a few minutes. It provides for a quick, smooth, & safe recovery. o Your cat will have state-of-the-art monitoring equipment including oxygen saturation, CO2 (carbon dioxide) level, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, & body temperature. o Your cat will be monitored at all times by his own highly trained veterinary nurse before, during, and after anesthesia to ensure a smooth & safe recovery. o During surgery, one small incision (0.5-1cm in length) is made over each testicle. Each testicle with its spermatic cord is ligated (tied off), transected, and removed.  Pre-Op Lab In House:
o Pre-anesthetic lab work is recommended for every pet undergoing general anesthesia. This in-house panel checks kidney & liver values, blood sugar, serum proteins, & red cell count. This is especially important for pets over 7 years of age and is highly recommended for every pet undergoing general anesthesia. o There are two reasons to perform pre-anesthetic lab work  To make sure it’s safe to undergo anesthesia. If abnormal organ function or anemia (low red cell count) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is diagnosed, you will be contacted. In this case, we may either use alternative anesthesia induction drugs & pain medications that are tailored pets with kidney or liver dysfunction, or we may elect together to post-pone the procedure.  To provide a “healthy baseline” for the individual – what is normal for your pet. There is a pretty wide “reference range” on lab reports for each lab value. If your pet becomes ill in the future & lab tests are run we will know what your pet’s individual normal value is for these tests. With this information we may be able to diagnose & treat a problem more expediently. o Preferably, a full lab panel may be run several days prior to the dental
procedure (Senior Screen, approximately $150). This profile is designed for pets over 7 years of age, but can be performed on a pet of any age. The senior screen has 25 chemistry values, a comprehensive CBC (complete blood count – white cells, red cells, platelets), a urine analysis, and total thyroid hormone.  Catheter IV:
o “I.V.” stands for “intravenous”. An IV catheter is placed & secured into a vein (usually a forearm vein) and is used to administer IV drugs and/or IV fluids. o This is a safety precaution in case your pet has difficulties while under anesthesia. Drugs & fluids administered intravenously are most effective. o An IV catheter is especially important for pets over 6 years of age and is highly recommended for every pet undergoing general anesthesia.  Fluids IV with Surgery:
o IV fluids are used to maintain adequate blood pressure. Typically LRS (Lactated Ringer’s Solution) or Plasmalyte are the fluids administered. o Every person and animal’s blood pressure drops when they undergo general anesthesia. This is the reason people are placed on IV fluids when we undergo general anesthesia. If blood pressure drops too low, permanent kidney damage or pancreatitis (inflammation/pain in the digestive gland called the pancreas) may occur. o IV fluids are especially important for pets over 6 years of age and are highly recommended for every pet undergoing general anesthesia. o Recovery from general anesthesia is much smoother & your pet will be back to normal more quickly with IV fluid administration. o Your cat is kept on IV fluids for several hours after the procedure as well.
o Your cat will have a pressure wrap where the IV catheter was placed
Post op Pain Buprenorphine/Meloxicam:
o Your cat will likely receive an opioid pain injection and Meloxicam anti- inflammatory pain injection to control any discomfort. The Meloxicam injection lasts 2-3 days. Most cats do not require additional pain medication at home. If you feel that your cat does desire additional pain medication at home, please communicate this to your doctor.  Microchip:
o The Bayer Res-Q microchip is an international permanent identification chip. It is approximately the size of a grain of rice and is implanted with a needle under the skin on the back between the shoulder blades. If your pet was to get lost or stolen, microchip scanners are used by veterinarians, animal shelters and animal control to ensure he or she is returned to you safely & efficiently. There is no additional charge for you to register with the company to give them your name, address & phone number to have on file. When you move, make sure to update your information.  E-collar:
o An e-collar is also called an “Elizabethan collar” and is a plastic collar that looks like a lamp-shade. It is used to prevent licking and/or chewing of the surgery site(s). Licking of the surgery site can cause irritation,
infection and break-down of the stitches, & sometimes can lead to
opening of the surgery site (dehiscence).

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