• Please plan ahead: make sure you have all the prescription medications that you will need before and after the surgery. Make ice packs, prepare soft foods, and wear comfortable • Please do not take any aspirin, vitamin E or Ginkgo Biloba 7-10 days prior to surgery. If you need a pain medication, use Tylenol. Do not drink alcoholic beverages 1 day prior. If you take coumadin or any other prescribed blood thinners you will need to call your MD to approve discontinuation of this • If you Pre-medicate for mitral valve prolapse, prosthetic valves or prosthetic joints you will be required to use antibiotics prior to the surgical appointment.
• 1 day prior to the procedure please rinse with 1⁄2 oz of chlorhexidine mouth rinse 2 times daily (AM and PM). Alcohol free mouth rinses are also available.
• One week prior to surgery start taking 1000 mg of vitamin C each day and continue for the week • Drink plenty of water each day (at least 6-8 8 oz. Glasses). Continue for the week following the • If a sedative is prescribed, take the night prior to surgery and 1 hour before surgery as directed ( you are required to have an escort to and from the surgery) Pre-operative instructions for the day of surgery:
• Take analgesic (pain medication such as Motrin or Tylenol) one hour prior to surgery. Do not take narcotic medication prior to the surgery.
• Rinse with Chlorhexidine mouth rinse before surgery.
• Start taking Arnica Montana (if recommended) • Begin Medrol dose pack (steroid) if prescribed.
• Take sedative (as directed and if prescribed) Suggested Pre-operative Homeopathic medications and Vitamins
Arnica Montana 30: This medication helps to prevent bruising. Take as directed the day of surgery.
Vitamin C: 1000 mg each day starting one week prior to surgery and continue for one week. Drink at
Gelclair: This medication is used in the management of pain/discomfort associated with oral lesions
of various etiologies. Gelclair Dose Pack, 3x day and for relief of pain. (Gelclair can be purchased through your pharmacy and Arnica Montana and Vitamin C at The Vitamin Shoppe or Lories Natural After Hours Emergency Numbers:
(Please Read other side)
SWELLING can occur after surgery Apply an ice pack on the face adjacent to surgical area 20 minutes
on then 20 minutes off for a minimum of two hours after your procedure. This is an absolute necessity to
prevent swelling. Keep your head elevated with extra pillows the first night post-op and sleep on your back to avoid pressure on the surgical side of your face.
BLEEDING Minor bleeding is normal in the first 24 hours after surgery. Do not use a straw or vigorously
rinse for 24 hours as this will promote bleeding especially in extraction cases without implant replacement. If
bleeding occurs, apply direct pressure to surgical area with a moist gauze or tea bag for 15 minutes and hold with finger pressure. If bleeding does not stop please call your Doctor.
INFECTION if you have swelling with a feeling of hot/warm to touch and/or foul taste in your mouth that
you feel may be an infection please call your surgeon.
nose or sneeze for one week after your surgery. You may blot your nose with tissue if needed. If you have to sneeze and cannot suppress it, do so with your mouth open to avoid pressure in the sinus. As directed, use Afrin Nasal Spray (12 hour) or Saline Nasal Spray 2 times per day on the side of the surgery. Take Sudafed tablets every 4-6 hours as directed for 3 days post-op.
IMPLANT SURGERY if you feel the healing cap loose at any time after surgery please call us to schedule an
appointment to see you. It is not your implant coming loose but the covering for the implant that is important to maintain the healing of the surrounding tissue.
IMPLANT TEMPORARY if you have a removable or fixed temporary you should avoid eating on the
restoration. Please chew on the opposite side and avoid putting pressure on the implant site. These implant temporaries are just for esthetics and not for eating.

BRUISING of the face can occur after surgery. This is a normal postoperative occurrence. Taking Arnica
Montana will help to decrease the extent of bruising.
SMOKING delays healing by reducing oxygen and blood flow to the tissue. Do not smoke after your surgery.
If you smoke, you can expect negative outcomes such as delayed healing, graft and or implant failure.
FOOD/DRINK Do not eat/drink anything hot for 1 hour after your surgery or until the anesthetic wears off.
Keep diet soft and chew on opposite side from surgery until you are told that you can chew on that side again. Avoid popcorn and food with small seeds or nuts.
EXERCISE No aerobic exercise, strenuous work, lifting or bending for 24-48 hours after surgery.
SENSITIVITY Tooth sensitivity is common after surgical procedures and will improve with time. Check
with your doctor if sensitivity persists and a fluoride desensitizing treatment will be applied in the office. Additionally concentrated fluoride toothpaste can be prescribed.
HYGIENE Gently rinse surgical area with prescription rinse until directed to stop. Do not brush the surgical
area until instructed to do so. Regular brushing will normally begin after the sutures are removed. Clean all
other areas of the mouth normally, a clean mouth heals faster.
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