Dalam menjalani kehidupan seharian, terutamanya masalah dan cabaran di tempat kerja serta masalah-
masalah keluarga yang timbul dari masa ke masa, membuatkan kita rasa tertekan dan berada dalam
kemurungan. Kadang-kadang kita tidak perasan pun yang kita berada dalam kemurungan, tahu-tahu
akhirnya bermacam penyakit berkaitan yang muncul yang tidak sama sekali dijangka.
Oleh itu, sebelum terlewat eloklah kita mengetahui tanda-tanda luaran atau fizikal yang menunjukkan kita
berada dalam kemurungan (depresi) supaya langkah-langkah pencegahan atau pembaikan awal dapat
dilakukan sebelum ia “meletup”.
Berikut adalah tip untuk mengenal tanda-tanda fizikal biasa yang menunjukkan seseorang itu berada
dalam kemurungan….
Depression: Recognizing the Physical Symptoms
Most of us know about the emotional symptoms of depression. But you may not know that depression can be associated with many physical symptoms, too.
In fact, many people with depression suffer from chronic pain or other physical symptoms. These include: * Headaches. These are fairly common in people with depression. If you already had migraine headaches, they
may seem worse if you’re depressed.
* Back pain. If you already suffer with back pain, it may be worse if you become depressed.
* Muscle aches and joint pain. Depression can make any kind of chronic pain worse.
* Chest pain. Obviously, it’s very important to get chest pain checked out by an expert right away. It can be a
sign of serious heart problems. But depression can contribute to the discomfort associated with chest pain *Digestive problems. You might feel queasy or nauseous. You might have diarrhea or become chronically
* Exhaustion and fatigue. No matter how much you sleep, you may still feel tired or worn out. Getting out of the
bed in the morning may seem very hard, even impossible.
* Sleeping problems. Many people with depression can’t sleep well anymore. They wake up too early or can’t
fall asleep when they go to bed. Others sleep much more than normal.
* Change in appetite or weight. Some people with depression lose their appetite and lose weight. Others find
they crave certain foods — like carbohydrates — and weigh more.
* Dizziness or lightheadedness.
Because these symptoms occur with many conditions, many depressed people never get help, because they don’t know that their physical symptoms might be caused by depression. A lot of doctors miss the symptoms, too.
These physical symptoms aren’t “all in your head.” Depression can cause real changes in your body. For instance, it can slow down your digestion, which can result in stomach problems.
Depression seems to be related to an imbalance of certain chemicals in your brain. Some of these same chemicals play an important role in how you feel pain. So many experts think that depression can make you feel Treating Physical Symptoms
In some cases, treating your depression — with therapy or medicine or both — will resolve your physical But make sure to tell your health care provider about any physical symptoms. Don’t assume they’ll go away on their own. They may need additional treatment. For instance, your doctor may suggest an antianxiety medicine if you have insomnia. Those drugs help you relax and may allow you to sleep better.
Since pain and depression go together, sometimes easing your pain may help with your depression. Some antidepressants, such as Cymbalta and Effexor, may help with chronic pain, too.
Other treatments can also help with painful symptoms. Certain types of focused therapy — like cognitive behavioral — can teach you ways to cope better with the pain.
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