▪ Wormers available for treating horses. March 2006
Full data sheets and information, plus contact details for the wormer companies can be

found on the Internet here:

▪ Wormers based on ivermectin, which treats adult and immature small redworm, large

redworm, roundworm and bots.
▪ Dosing interval 8 weeks.

Eraquelle (Virbac)
Each syringe now contains sufficient product to treat 700kg bodyweight of horse
Eqvalan (Merial Animal Health)
Furexel (Janssen Animal Health)
Vectin (Intervet)
▪ Combination wormers ivermectin (treats as above) plus praziquantel to treat tapeworm.
▪ Use once or twice a year.
Eqvalan Duo (Merial Animal Health)
Equimax (Virbac)
Furexel Combi (Janssen Animal Health)

▪ Wormers based on moxidectin, which treats as ivermectin plus encysted stages of

▪ Dosing interval approx 3 months.

Equest (Fort Dodge)

▪ Wormers based on praziquantel only, to treat tapeworm, can be given with Equest.
▪ Use once or twice a year.

Equitape (Fort Dodge)

▪ Wormers based on pyrantel embonate. Treats adult stages of roundworm and redworm.

Used at double dose also treats tapeworm.
▪ Dosing interval 4-6 weeks.
Exodus (Janssen Animal health)
Provid paste (Chanelle Animal Health)
Pyratape P (Intervet)
Strongid P paste and granules(Pfizer)
Strongid P Caramel

▪ Wormers based on the benzimidazoles. Treats adult and immature stages of roundworm

and redworm. Five-day course also treats encysted stages of redworm.
▪ Dosing interval 6 weeks. Panacur Guard may be used once or twice a year. Some
resistance to this family of drugs.

Panacur, paste, granules, 10%
Panacur Guard
Telmin (Janssen)
Zerofen granules (Chanelle)

Natural parasite management.
The following products are herbal preparations designed to target parasite control in horses. Please contact
the manufacturers for more information.

Verm-x Ltd Tel: 0870 850 2313

Multi-worm from Science with Nature Tel: 01377 259234 www.swnh.co.uk
Parasite Out from Ellen Collinson Tel: 0845 2603602

If you would like your product included in this list please contact Westgate Labs.

Gillian Booth
Westgate Laboratories, Middle Stobswood, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 3AZ
Tel: (01670) 791994 Web: www.westgatelabs.com

Source: http://www.westgatelabs.co.uk/downloads/wormers-available-for-treating-horses.pdf

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