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DATA SHEET 01.07.2010
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Product Code LC00355

A vapour phase corrosion inhibiting (VCI), extreme pressure, lithium grease which can be applied directly onto surfaces requiring continuous lubrication, in areas subject to heavy or shock loading. • Protects by both contact and vapour action. FEATURES AND
• Effective even when moisture, oil and rust are already present. RECOMMENDED
• Highly resistant to water and steam. • Gives up to 3 years protection in aggressive environments. • Contains molybdenum disulphide for improved load carrying properties. • Will protect wire ropes, machinery and equipment both in operation and Applications include chains, wire ropes, bearings, conveyors, spindles, TECHNICAL DATA
NLG1 Classification

Worked Penetration (IP50) 265/295.
Operating Temperature

Drop Point (IP132) 180ºC

Specific Gravity

Mixing Ratio

Drying time (at 18ºC)

Thinners and
Cleaning solvent

Use unthinned. White spirit may be used for cleaning. Store in dry, cool conditions and protect from frost .
CORROLESS Corrosion Control,
Worldwide Headquarters, Kelvin Way, WEST BROMWICH, West Midlands B70 7JZ,
CORROLESS Corrosion Control is a trading name of Protega Coatings Ltd, Registered in England 2413550, Registered Office: Kelvin Way West Bromwich West Midlands B70 7JZ. Corroless is a Registered Trade mark of Protega Coatings Ltd. DATA SHEET 01.07.082010
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Product Code LC00355

Recommended Substrates
Steel and most other metallic substrates.

Surface Preparation

No special surface preparation is required, but the cleaner the substrate, the more effective will be the protection achieved from the product. For best results, remove any dirt, grease, moisture or condensation prior to application. Application
CCI 355 is a concentrated corrosion inhibitor that can be applied to equipment either in service, shut down or in preservation situations. Apply by grease gun, brush or by hand using a ‘hairy mitt’. Although CCI 355 does not normally require removal prior to recommissioning equipment, it can be removed using conventional solvents such as white spirit.
Application Temperature

Ambient Conditions
Only apply in conditions of good ventilation, which should be maintained during drying. Do not apply when rain, mist, sleet or snow are imminent. During application and drying time the Relative Humidity should not exceed 85% and Deleted:
the steel temperature should remain at least 3ºC above the dew point.
Flash Point (IP34)

Health and Safety
At all times observe precautionary notices on containers. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet available from Corroless on request. This information is given in good faith for the guidance of users but without warranty or liability. Any queries should be referred to our Technical Department. The above information is based on laboratory tests and practical experience and has been proved valid at the date marked on the product data sheet. When necessary verify the validity of the product data sheet. The quality of the product is ensured by our operational system, based on the requirements of ISO 9001. As a manufacturer we cannot be responsible for any damages caused by using the product against instructions or for inappropriate purposes. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.


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