Provided as a Courtesy from Haydel Consulting Services LLC Lisinopril
This test applies to the 15 medications listed above.
1. Which medication(s) indicate a need for electrolyte monitoring? hydroclrothiazide
2. You would teach a patient that eating yogurt may prevent side effects of which
medication(s)? Zithromax, Amoxicillin
3. Which medication(s) may cause bradycardia?
Expected effect of Metoprolol, to a lesser degree, Norvasc.
4. A patient who takes Prilosec may be deficient in which vitamin?
5. Which drug is a proton pump inhibitor?
6. Side effects of Lasix include do NOT include which of the following?
a. Extremely high serum potassium b. Increased thirst c. Muscle cramps d. Very low serum potassium 7. Your patient has been without pain since admission. Several weeks ago he saw the MD and
was started on new medications. On your most recent visit, he complained of severe leg pain
and weakness. Which medication would you be concerned about?

a. Synthroid b. Zocor c. Metformin d. Hydrochlorothiazide 8. You cal the MD’s office and are unable to talk to the MD. What would you teach the patient?
a. Go to the emergency room if it doesn’t get better b. Hold the suspect medication c. Safe administration of Vicodin d. Tell the patient that he will most likely have to have blood drawn and to not eat Provided as a Courtesy from Haydel Consulting Services LLC 9. Match the Medication with associated lab work:
10. Long term use of Proton Pump inhibitors has been associated with which of the following?
a. Dry, flaky skin prone to breakdown b. Broken Hips c. Vitamin B-12 deficiency d. B and C above e. None of the above 11. You admit a patient post hospitalization for knee surgery. In reviewing medications you
notice that your patient is on metformin. Which of the following should be included on the
plan of care?

a. Diabetic foot inspection b. Obtain lab for Hemoglobin A1C (draw or get copy from MD) c. A low sodium, diabetic diet d. Obtain date of last eye exam by an ophthalmologist and assist pt to make appointment if last exam was more than one year ago. 12. Your patient normal y has a slow, steady pulse in the 60’s. Today when you assess him, his
heart rate is 94. He is asymptomatic and has does not appear to be in any distress. Failure to
take which prescribed medication may cause this increase in heart rate?

a. Amoxicillin b. Zocor c. Xanax d. Metoprolol 13. Which of the following is NOT appropriate teaching for Amoxicillin?
a. You should take this medication until complete b. This medication may cause side effects such as diarrhea or yeast infections. c. This medicine may cause sleepiness d. This medicine is given for infection 14. Synthroid side effects may include:
a. Partial hair loss b. Sleeplessness c. Heat intolerance d. Feeling cold all the time Provided as a Courtesy from Haydel Consulting Services LLC 15. Vicodin is a combination of which two medications
a. Hydrocodone and aspirin b. Oxycodone and acetaminophen c. Hydrocodone and acetaminophen d. Oxycodone and hydrocodone 16. List five medications that have hydrocodone as a main ingredient?
17. Teaching for patients taking narcotic pain relief should NOT include:
a. Do not drink alcohol with this medication b. This medication is often abused so keep them out of sight c. This medicine has a strong potential for addiction so be careful not to take too much d. Take pain medicine may increase your risk of falls so be sure to use DME e. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily to prevent constipation with this medicine 18. What is the upper limit of Tylenol or acetaminophen that is safe for most adults to take?
19. Typical early signs of acetaminophen over dosage may include al except:
a. nausea and vomiting
b. appetite loss
c. jaundice
d. tiredness
e. sweating
20. Name five mediations that include acetaminophen as an active ingredient.

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